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Interview by Matteo Bussotti

After six years from their previous album, Lullacry are back on the scene with a darker, perfectly-crafted new cd, and they’re ready to rock in the best way they can, rewarding all those fans who waited so long for another release. We interviewed their singer, Tanja, who kindly answered to our questions about her life, her career, and the creative process behind this long-awaited new album.

Hi Tanja! Welcome to Femme Metal Webzine, we are very glad to have you here!

Hi to you! It’s great to be here!

First of all, why name the album “Where Angels Fear”? What’s the meaning behind this name?

Well, six years period is a long time to take a break. All is still relative. We needed that time in order to create something new and we finally did. The album name comes from one of the tracks. The song “Where Angels Fear” presents something old and something new. We made the song already six years ago to the previous album, but we never recorded it. It’s a great piece so we definitely wanted it on this album. For us the name means access out from old fears.

What can you tell us about the album? Are you satisfied with it?

“Where Angels Fear” turned out to be darker and not so party rock, if you know what I mean. This new album has its own style, which of course is a good thing. It’s a bit different than previous albums, but still has the same old Lullacry elements on it, you know.

You’ve published 3 albums so far with Lullacry and you’ve played with them for 10 years so far. Has something changed for you from the beginning of your career? In your opinion, how were Lullacry and how are them now?

When the guys asked me to join the band I was like really uncertain what to do. I mean it wasn’t really sure thing to me to join this band at first. Maybe because I wasn’t familiar with this type of music and I was thinking if I had the power to do it. Otherwise I thought that my own unique style of singing would bring its spice to the whole combination and it did. With this journey I have experienced many things and learned a lot. Ten years ago Lullacry were a punch of crazy youngsters with full of energy and now only with full of energy.. haha!!! (Laughing out hard!) The band has grown over the years as a band musically and mentally.

Moreover, how do you want to be in the future? Is there something you feel you’d do, like, I don’t know, trying new musical genres or experimenting with heavy metal?

I have thought that it would be great to do some kind of other music, experimenting new musical genres. Yeah, it would be great. I have always liked many kind of music. Example I don’t have only one genre that I like. Maybe some kind of solo album would be nice. And of course I would like to do my own music too. In fact, I already have a few of my own songs waiting to be finished.

We know Sami plays a key role in Lullacry. What do you think about Sami as a composer?

Sami has his own unique Lullacry style as a composer. He’s really precise on what he’s doing. He wants to keep the puzzle together, you know. The key role is to keep the vision clear. You can easily say that Sami is the engine of the whole band.

Talking about “Where Angels Fear”, Sami said that : “Last year has probably been the best we’ve had in Lullacry, at least when it comes to vibes. And you can hear that in the album. For the first time I made the songs without thinking that I have to do a goth ballad or a rock song. We just did things more spontaneously and it led to an album that is a lot more dark, ambitious and multi-dimensional than its predecessors.” So, how was the creative process behind this album?

Well, Sami just made those songs. He told us that there were no boundaries. Songs are darker and there are also more complicated arrangements. On the other hand there are some really easy songs like “Stay”. That song is very personal to me. I have made the words with Sami and Mikko. On this album there’s also song from our bass player Heavy. He has done a few songs, which is great.

You sang some songs in the album “Virus” for the French power metal band Heavenly. Can you tell us how this collaboration was born? Have you learned something from Heavenly or from the “French way” of doing metal?

Heavenly guys asked me to sing the duet with their vocalist Ben Sotto. It was a cover song called “When the Rain Begins to Fall” (originally Pia Zadora and Jermaine Jackson). When I heard what the song would be I was like yes I want to sing it! Our schedules fit together and the rest is history. Co-operation went really well. It was a nice experiment for me musically! I wish all the best for the band.

What do you think about music industry in Finland? How was working with your producer, Mikko?And how did you feel singing with him?

If thinking the Finnish music industry I think there’s a variation of potential music makers. It just needs more support from the Finnish government. It was really easy to work with Herranen. He has the right attitude on doing things. He‘s also a singer so it was very easy to communicate with him.

Have you already planned a tour for your album? Where are you most excited to go?

We focus on touring this fall. I personally would want to tour all around the world! Example Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, USA…everywhere! We’ll start tour in our home country. We do not yet have any more plans. Currently we’re focus on getting things together.

Are there any places that you’ve never visited on a tour but you want to, one day? And what is the best place you remember you’ve been while touring?

There are a lot of places I haven’t been before! South America, Italy (expect Rock Im Ring festival), Spain, France… North American tour was awesome! It’s very hard to mention only one best place.

Last question, how’s your fan base in Finland? How and how often do you interact with them?

When we made this new album we didn’t know how our fans would remember us or if they remember us at all. It was great to notice that we still have the loyal fans out here and there. We’re very grateful about it. I just hope that people spread the word about us, because there are still a lot of those fans, who don’t know about the activation.

Thank you very much for your answers and your time! Good luck for everything, I hope to see you in Italy very soon!

Thank you! This was a pleasure. We would love to come to Italy! Rock on everybody and check out the latest Lullacry news on



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