Interview : Tanja Maul – Dawn of Destiny (2009)




Interview by Eetu “Ene” Niskanen

We have reached by email Dawn of Destiny‘s singer, Tanja Maul, for talking about the new album “Human Fragility” out now and more… Enjoy it!

Hello Tanja and thanks for accepting our interview.

You are very welcome.

So, you released your third album “Human Fragility” on September 21st, how much work did it take to get it out to the stores?

Most of the work is done by our songwriter Jens, who has the talent to write extraordinary songs within a very short time. The whole band decides which songs will be on the album and after the decision we practise and enter the studio. This time it took about three weeks recording and about one week mix and master. We all like the work in studio because it is an intense examination with our music that we all enjoy.

How much have you grown as musicians since your debut?

I think that “Human Fragility” contains my best performance so far. We all learn from studio and live experiences and try to improve ourselves.

On May you found a new drummer, Patrick Klose replacing your old dummer Ansgar Ludwig, how has he settled to the band?

We all are sad that Ansgar left the band but we found a very talented young drummer to join our DOD family. He fits perfectly and brings some creative ideas to the band. Although we had not much time to practice before the first shows with him he managed it very well.

Could you tell us something about your other bandmates?

Oh, where should I start? I make music with Jens for about eight years now and it is quite amazing considering our first attempts what we reached untill today. We started with a little PC, no real bandmembers, bad sound, only few ideas and a different taste of music. A few years ago Dirk joined the band and Veith completed Dawn of Destiny. Together we lived through some hard and some good times. When I speak of DOD as my second family it is more than serious. They even know me better than my parents.

Have you had any vocal training?

Yes, for about half a year I had a vocal coach. Afterwards I joined an acapella band for nearly two years that improved my auditory and my technique.

What kind of music do you listen yourself and how often?

I love melodic metal. Of course I sometimes listen to the big idols maybe to copy some little things. I do not listen to other kinds of music and I need to listen to it every day. It seems like the air to breathe for me.

Who are your biggest influences?

I try to perform my own style but influences for me are Stratovarius, Helloween, Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Evergrey, Kamelot or Within Temptation, just to mention some.

Do you have any musical projects out of DOD?

No, I can only concentrate on one band and that is Dawn Of Destiny.

From your new album, what is your personal favourite song?

“Unchained Someday” and “Silent Suffering”.

Do you think “Human Fragility” is your best release so far?

Yes, defintively! Songs on “Human Fragility” are compact, complex but always possible to follow. Although the tunes are very catchy the songs do not become boring. Apart from this “Human Fragility” has the best sound so far. Every band likes to improve themselves on every album and I think we managed it.

As a band, have you ever thought of getting second guitarist?

*smile* I guess I couldn’t do that to Veith 🙂 No, there is nothing that we miss on stage. Maybe a second guitar would make it even worse than better. There is nothing planned concerning this.

The last question, there are tons of female fronted bands out there, how does DOD keep unique?

We have no classic vocals, not so much keyboards, it is more Metal! So, to whom can we be really compared? We offer power, catchy tunes, songs to think about and songs to party. We like to present diversified songs which offer always something new to the listener. I believe that everyone who likes melodic metal in any way might find him/herself in Dawn of Destiny.



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