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There seems to be no end to the recent string of standout femme metal debuts and “Reflections” from Slovenia’s Infidia is no exception. Boasting track after track of non-stop power metal heavy on symphonic influences, “Reflections” cranks up the guitars and keyboards from start to finish. Infidia vocalist Tina Kic took some time to talk to Femme Metal about the creation of the album, covering the Spice Girls and how to get more longhaired dudes to show up at your shows.

“Reflections” is a huge step from 2007’s “Led By the Light” EP. What happened to the band – personally and musically – that influenced you to expand your musical palette?

I think I speak on behalf of the band when I say that the release of “Reflections” simply indicates the band’s common aims and musical preferences which “reflect” in our music and lyrics. The band has grown – personally and musically – in a way that fits to all of us and we hope to continue in this direction as long as possible. Six individuals with six different points of view are sometimes, of course, hard to combine in one music sphere, however we are very pleased to share each other’s music ideas with large amounts of friendship and tolerance, which in the end collide in new song material and we hope to continue to do so in the future.

Infidia is based out of Maribor, Slovenia. How did the band get together and how did you come up with your name?

The band started their way back in late 2004 when Sašo Corso and Andrej Lebar decided to found a heavy metal band. They searched for other band members and together they dragged the name Infidia out of their school Latin dictionary right before their first show!
Later on there were some changes in the band line up however fate had its course set and I personally met the Infidia guys at a concert in 2006 when I was still performing with my previous band, Sentimetal. I don’t know about the other guys, but for me it was “love at first sight”. *Laughs* The energy was right, we immediately started to hang out and soon the circumstances drew us together.

Where does the band look for its musical inspirations? Are they other bands and musicians or do they also come from other areas outside music like literature and film?

We all have our musical background from growing up and listening to hard rock/heavy metal and I’m sure that this reflects in a way in our musical material – definitely. However, throughout the years, all of us are expanding our music preferences, music spheres… But I am certain that most of the influence also comes from listening to Scandinavian melodic metal bands.

Your vocals are one of the highlights of “Reflections”. You have excellent power in your voice and a soaring clarity that immediately perks up a listener’s ears. Where did this voice come from?

Oh,wow, thank you for your compliment. I didn’t see that one coming!
Still, I don’t consider myself as a “singer”, rather the one who “wants to sing”. *Laughs* Deriving from the fact that I have no singing lessons what so ever, I must say that my voice comes simply from my being, my heart, my will and love for expressing and sharing with others all the joy music brings to me in life!

The band does a great job putting an original spin on the standard symphonic metal formula. Does the band make a conscious effort to create something different – that stands out on its own – or are you just following your muse wherever it takes you?

We are simply following our hunches and inner wishes that are screaming to come out. Therefore, I couldn’t say that we are making a conscious effort to be “different”: we are who we are. Most of the metal population in Slovenia sees us as “pop metal”! *Laughs*

There is also a lot of attention paid to detail on “Reflections” ranging from the use of male harmonies and background vocals on tracks like “Vision” as well as the band’s unique keyboard sound. What kind of steps did you take in the studio to create your sound?

Lots of patience, nerves and will power!

The music on “Reflections” is powerful and pulses with energy. It’s hard to listen to tracks like “Salvation” and “Thirteen” without feeling revitalized.  Is that how the band felt when recording the album?

Oh, thank you again… Definitely – I personally remember when recording these two mentioned songs. I just couldn’t wait to hear them “completely” on track and I still can’t wait to perform them live, so yeah – they definitely left their mark on my soul also!

What do think are the trademarks of the Infidia sound?

Melodic heavy with feminine touch!

How does your sound allow you stand apart from other symphonic or power metal bands?

Hmm, we don’t tend to “stand apart” by effort, we simply hope that the public sees and accepts us as a genuine band with its own style as we like to consider ourselves.

“Reflections” has a real melodic flair that leaps out from almost every track. There is a real pop sensibility at work in the song craft that makes each song instantly accessible while maintaining its power metal roots. How did you develop the album’s music and lyrics?

Our guitarists Uroš Eršte and Andrej Lebar are the main factors for creating and developing our music. Hooray for them! However, the lyrics are later on – based on the music background – contributed mostly from my side and also from other band members.

Was it this pop sensibility that inspired Infidia to cover “Viva Forever”? Femme Metal has interviewed many bands that have covered pop tunes by everyone from Michael Jackson to Duran Duran. But the Spice Girls? What is the attraction of metal bands to pop music covers? What’s the story here?

It’s a pretty story which involves one random walk in the park with the guys while listening to the Spice Girls on the cell… Details aside, when our guitarists prepared the cover background, we all liked it to the point that the “Viva Forever” cover ended up on our album.

Most female-fronted metal bands consist of the woman singer surrounded by a bunch of longhaired dudes with tattoos thrashing on their instruments. How is it having a second woman, keyboardist Katja Sevsek, in the band? Does it change the dynamic having more than one woman contributing to the composing and musical direction of the band?

Due to having “two chicks” in the band, I’d say that our “girl power” perhaps breaks a prejudice or two. And yes, girls can rock too! Together we bring that feminine touch, which perhaps invites even more longhaired dudes to appear in our concerts. *Laughs*

Being from Slovenia, does the evolving political climate in your country have any impact on your musical or lyrical perspective?

No, not from my side at least. I tend to seek and express one’s inner feelings and acknowledgment which maybe, in a way perhaps, also derives from the political climate subconsciously. I don`t know.

Give us an idea what the Slovenian music scene is like. Is there a thriving metal scene there? How does Infidia fit in?

There are many great and striving heavy and rock bands in Slovenia. I’d say Slovenia is a very small country with huge talent and potential. However, it’s a small market for all the great potential. We feel however very comfortable and I think we’ve spotted ourselves with dignity. As long as we love to share our love for the music, we’ll feel comfortable.

Are there any other up-and-coming Slovenian female-fronted female metal bands we should know about?

I would definitely point out bands like Obduction, Eternity and Aperion.

Does Infidia have any touring plans for the fall and into the new year? When can fans find you?

Apart from local booked shows – we hope to also experience a tour or two abroad in the future!

(Famous) Last words?

“Those who wish to sing always find a song!”



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