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 Interview by Connie Bach

From Kiev, Infinite Tales is a unique band with a dark, fiery sound. The vocal stylings of Zolik and Kiwi contrast each other perfectly, over growling guitars and the machine gun fire of drums. The entire sound rides on a stable bass for a sound in which all elements speak to the listener. I found the sound and flavor exciting, with each song easy to ride along with.

Hello, Kiwi. Thanks for taking the time for an interview with Femme Metal.

Hey! In my turn, I would like to thank you for your interest in Infinite Tales. I really appreciate this.

As well as providing melodic vocals, you also play the cello. How did this come about? Tell me a little about how you learned both skills.

My first music lessons were coming from my family: my mom is a cellist. Later, at the age of 5, I went to the music school. Interestingly enough, I started to play the piano first. But all of my teachers were so bad that my mom decided to teach me by herself. And since that time (I was 12), cello, along with singing, became an obsession, I should say. During that time, I was singing primarily in the choir but it was really something special, exciting for me. 

Infinite Tales existed before you joined them. What encouraged you to become a metal vocalist?

I like metal; I adore singing. Being a metal vocalist includes both of these preferences. So, when I met the guys from Infinite Tales, I realized that it’s my thing. 

“Only the Beginning” is Infinite Tales‘ debut album. What was the recording process like for you? How did the experience enhance your skills as a musician?

An experience, gained during the recording sessions, turned out to be indispensable for me. I even started to sing in a different way – and you can evaluate this difference on the next record. 

“Only in the Beginning” is an album with balance and variety. How did it come together and what was the recording process like?

The recording process was something new and exciting for us. We worked really hard; we experimented a lot for those 6 months. We are very grateful to Morton (the sound producer), who’ve made the sound of the album the way it is. 

Why did Infinite Tales choose to have “Running Away” appear on the Femme Metal compilation over other songs on “Only the Beginning”?

“Running Away” is a very deep and dramatic song. To me, it’s my favorite song. I like to convey emotions though it.And at the same time, this song is dynamic and heavy enough. 

How does the band create its sound: music and then lyrics, or vice versa?  Why?

The music comes first – and it’s all has been written by Glorf. All the lyrics and vocal arrangements for the new songs were written by Zolik (the male vocalist) and me because we know our highest and lowest notes and the main range. We’re trying to make vocal parts more complicated with every new song and it helps us to develop faster. That goes for everyone in our band.

What kind of fan feedback has “Only the Beginning” received?

We’ve received a lot of positive responses. Having seen these messages, it feels like that our work has been really appreciated and it’s really important for us. We feel like we can walk the same path we have been following for all this time and that we can make our second album even much better. 

I hear Infinite Tales is working on their second release. How will this one differ from the last?

It’s going to be more technical, intense, and more powerful. We have considerably grown over the past year, so the difference between the first and our second release will be easily audible. 

For a little perspective, how does it feel, up onstage with your band members around you, performing such intense music?

It’s a really great feeling! Seeing that people are enjoying the songs that you play live is an unspeakable experience. You’re just trying to put your worries aside and put more energy into the music on the stage and if you see the feedback from the audience, it becomes the highest appreciation for you. So, that’s really exciting. 

Do you have any pursuits, pastimes, or hobbies besides Infinite Tales?

Now, I’m studying to receive the master’s degree in management. I devote all of my free time to music and to my friends.

Finally, this one is completely open for you and any other band members to answer. What is the value of a song?

A song may alter emotional and physical state of a person. And with our music, we do it the best way possible! 

Thanks, Kiwi. I look forward to hearing more. Keep on rocking out.

Thank you for the interview! Thanks to everyone who stays with us! Cheers from the Infinite Tales team! 



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