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 Interview by Connie Bach 


Compared to every other symphonic metal band I have ever come across, Aperion stands out. Their use of flute, cello, and other instruments to substitute for parts of a sound delegated to the guitarist and bassist, is incredible. Eastern European traditional music comes into warm contrast with the deep power of the guitar, like watching a man and woman waltz.

Hello, Zala.


Starting off on a light note, you mention on your Facebook that you like the show Dexter. What draws you to the show?

I love Dexter! Can’t wait for the next season to start! The game between right and wrong when right isn’t what everybody would expect. Very intriguing.  

You have a passion for singing and an education that goes with that.  What sparked this passion?

As I never was a “bathroom singer”, I didn’t see myself on this road. But my sister was convinced I had a unique voice and she insisted I should try singing in front of an audience. It wasn’t till I stood on stage that I discovered how big passion was – not only for singing but most of all for on stage performing. Soon after that I decided it is time to quit my economic studies and focus all my energy on building up my music knowledge in order to become a respectful vocalist. 

You have had classical voice training. How did this training lead you to where you are now?

Well, so far I see all the training as some kind of investment. Nowadays many artists take their voice for granted and believe it will serve them forever when in fact we know everything on a human body needs to be trained to perfection in order to last. 

What kind of perspective did the education you have had lend to your new album, “Act of Hybris”?

The education definitely broadens your boundaries in music, you are able to experiment more with your instrument and it definitely led us to a higher level of creativity on this album. 

I love the beginning of the song “Shine”, with the strings playing. What inspired the lyrics for this song?

According to Martin, the violist, who is also the author of this song, it was inspired by all the dark thoughts that we are carrying with us through life. The song “Shine” is telling the story about a man, who lost the will to live because of his sin in the past. He thinks that the only way to be free again is to end his life. 

Zala, where did the name “Act of Hybris” come from?

The name refers to the constant battle between good and bad. See, just like Dexter but as we are fighting against the violence, reckless pride and outrages behavior we use music as a method. Too many people think that by ill-treating others they make their own superiority greater. We believe you have to avoid hybris in order to achieve greatness.  

I am impressed with the way you used classical instruments where the guitar would normally play. For example, at the start of your first official video, Tinka plays the flute where there would be a guitar solo. Why did the band, as a whole, decide to do this?

With all that knowledge and expertise it would be a waste if we would use only instruments that are expected to use in this kind of music. We feel every instrument is equal to others and is therefore used as often as needed. 

The final line-up has been playing together since 2004. All most of the members have classical training. What brought all of you together as a metal band?

Everybody in the band obviously has an edgier side that only metal or hard core music can fulfill. So why wouldn’t we express our energy and minds in form of a music we feel invigorated by. We didn’t start as a band with boundaries of a certain genre, it took some time to find out what feels right. 

Your voice has a lot of power. You could have sung in operas. What influenced you, personally, to choose this type of music?

I am doing all my best to become an opera singer. It takes a lot of effort and years of discipline and training. My wish is to sing in Milan’s Scala one day but then on the other hand I would like to perform in front of thousands of people with Aperion and rock their heads off. I don’t know, I simply love expressing myself in different types of music. We will see what life has in store for me. 

Aperion has performed at several large, Slovenian rock festivals, such as Rock Otocec. As a symphonic metal band, what goes into getting ready for a show?

We take the stage very seriously and have become known as a strong live performer. We believe that everything has to be perfect for a good show, from sound and light, dresses, choreography and definitely the energy of all bend members. We also have a strong group of friends, a backstage team that you usually don’t see on stage but take a big part in our performances. 

How has international recognition influenced you as a singer?

Since the recognition of Aperion as well as the album has successfully crossed the national boarders I am very pleased about all the positive critics we have received so far. As a singer it lets me know I’m on the right path. I never was humble when it comes to my goals and dreams so this gives me extra will-power and energy. I also feel obligated to continue all the voice training in order to perform even better in the future.

Moving on. Many singers say a band is like a second family. Would you agree? What would you like to say on their behalf?

Your band is a group of people with whom you share very special moments and feelings, and therefore you become very attached. Strong emotions are involved in the whole process of creating and performing so you feel like they are a big part of your life. As no group can avoid moments of disagreements neither can we but the funny thing is that’s the time you actually realize how big their part in your life is. 

Zala, it’s been wonderful talking with you.Thank you for your time, and I look forward to more unique releases from Aperion.

Thank you and to all our fans for believing in us! 



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