Ismini – “Black Swan” (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Erwin van Dijk

Ismini, named after singer Ismini Sakellaropoulou is a female fronted gothic metal band from Greece. If you are looking for Within Tempation style gothic metal with helium voiced singers and Walt Disney style bombastic music this is not your kind of music. Besides, does the world need yet another Within Tempation clone? Ismini’s music is much darker and groovier. More like the older Lacuna Coil or On Thorns I Lay (also from Greece) without becoming too depressive. And like the “Draconian Time” from Paradise Lost or “Irreligious” from Moonspell the songs are well written without trying to break the sound barrier every time. Another positive point (for me at least) is that singer Ismini does not dominate every song which gives the other musicians enough room. Conclusion: While “Black Swan” is only the debut of Ismini it is also a very promising one. About the songs: “Klebsiella”: Instrumental intro of the album with a very classical sound. Piano / synthezizer driven. “Black Swan” : The first half a minute continues where “Klebsiella” ends and then the band kicks in. Contains all the elements of Ismini. “Need to Know”“Another Winter” & “Cruel World”: The three mid tempo songs of the album. “In Hell We’ll Stay”: Very catchy and could be a higlight at live gigs.“The Hopes We Have Lost”: The first ‘slow’ song on the album. Not a true ballad but very groovy. “Don’t Care”: Like “In Hell We’ll Stay” a real live song on which Ismini sounds really angry. “Cry”: The grand finale. “Brain Aneurysm”: The instrumental finale of “Black Swan” . Like “Klebsiella”, “Brain Aneurysm” sounds more like the soundtrack of a movie. Overal feeling: a good album for a band’s debute but maybe a bit to short when it comes to playing time.

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  1. Klebsiella
  2. Black Swan
  3. Need to Know
  4. In Hell We’ll Stay
  5. Cruel World
  6. The Hopes We’ve Lost
  7. Don’t Care
  8. Another Winter
  9. Cry


Line Up

  • Ismini Sakellaropoulos – Vocals, Bass
  • Stafanos Spanopoulos – Guitars, vocals
  • Giannis Marizas – Guitar 
  • Nicolas Valentisis – Bass 
  • Dionisis Hahabis – Drums  




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