Izegrim – “Code of Consequences” (2011)


Label : Listenable Records

Review by Si Smith

Dutch death metal warriors Izegrim changed their name from “Isegrim” because it wasn’t metal enough. This is their third full-length since formation in 1996 as well as a number of EPs, so they’ve had the time to hone their act to perfection. In opener “Victim of Honour”, Izegrim hit you immediately with a string of raw guitar riffs and solos that threaten to garrote your spleen and send it spinning out of your left ear! When the voice kicks in it is raucous and heavy, like Angela Gossow after she’s gargled a few razor blades. And I mean that in a good way. This is music that takes you by the throat, vocals that rasp into your brain. “My Secret Society” introduces some slightly more sedate riffage before launching into full assault once again, with just a tinge of thrash added in. Yep, definitely some 80s thrash riffs in there from somewhere, along with some melodic flourishes. “Incommunicado” thrashes by happily, despite some hollow corner of my brain lurching into an 80s Marillion number. These guys are tight, maybe because they’ve managed to have the same line up now as at the beginning. Marloes‘ vocals perfectly compliment the sound of the double guitar attack and Ivo‘s crashing drums. “Center of Momentum” has one of the heaviest choruses I’ve heard for a while, and the verse introduces some death metal fury. There is no let up for “Deathstrip”, a pummeling barrage of guitars and vocals that draw you in like a siren. A demonic siren with a throat problem. “Final Farewell” brings back the slow chugging riffs, the decrease in speed not subtracting from the intensity one iota. “Fade into Obscurity” does anything but that, possessing a hopelessly addictive rhythm that will stay in your head long after the song finishes. “Psychopathic Mind” effectively conjures up its subject matter and “Population Zero” brings back the melodic death metal sound again, like some demented At the Gates influence dipping its oar in. The finale to all this metallic soundscape is the title track, “Code of Consequences”, the spoken word parts adding to the dramatic effect of this already dramatic-sounding piece. No sung vocals here, just solid riffing and measured solos to accompany the wordplay. All in all a concrete death metal offering with tinges of thrash and melodic death thrown into the mix. Vocals are strong and consistent, the guitar playing is tight and accomplished. A deathly pleasure.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Victim of Honor         
  2. My Secret Society         
  3. Incommunicado  
  4. Center of Momentum
  5. Deathstrip     
  6. Final Farewell         
  7. Fade Into Obscurity         
  8. Psychopathic Mind         
  9. Population Zero         
  10. Code of Consequences     


Line Up

  • Marloes – Vocals & Bass
  • Bart – Guitar
  • Jeroen – Guitar
  • Ivo – Drums



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