Julian’s Lullaby – “Dreaming of Your Fears” (2011)


Label : STF Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Greece’s Julian’s Lullaby already released their debut demo “I Can Hear You Thinking…” in 2008 and was an impressive first step for the band. Now, this talented and eclectic Gothic Metal band return with their full-length debut “Dreaming of Your Fears”. This 11-song 44-minute debut features some cool acoustic bits to go along with the inclusion of violin to their sound. The songs have a mournfully melancholic slant to them, while at the same time being memorable and romantic. The opening duo of “Where We Stand There We Fall” and “Scarlet Reign” gets things off to a good start; “Scarlet Reign” in particular has a pretty cool melody running through it as it quickly became a highlight. The next two tracks “Ocean of Tears” and “Kiss Me Not (Tonight)” originally appeared on the band’s debut demo and have returned here in re-recorded form. “Ocean of Tears” is one of the heavier and more straight-forward tracks and features a riff that stays pretty consistent throughout the track. “Kiss Me Not (Tonight)” was one of the better tracks on the debut and it remains so here. Starting off with a violin and then joined by acoustic guitar, this features a great vocal presence supplied by the two singers Margina and Efthimia. The song builds in tempo as it moves forward, and develops into a pretty solid rock number. Other highlights include: the sorrowful “Would It Be?” the more up-beat “Where Are You?”, “Sands on Your Hands” and “Disinfecting My Heart”. Julian’s Lullaby does a good job at mixing the more somber material with bursts of heaviness and rockier up-tempo moments. “Dreaming of Your Fears” is a well played, written and recorded debut.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Where We Stand There We Fall
  2. Scarlet Reign
  3. Ocean of Tears
  4. Kiss Me Not (Tonight)
  5. Would It Be?
  6. Where Are You?
  7. Sand on Your Hands
  8. Turn Me to Dust
  9. Disinfecting My Heart
  10. Just For That Day
  11. Just For That Day (Acoustic Mix)


Line Up

  • Margina Catherine Margaret- Lead & backing vocals
  • Efthimia Aprilia Manassi- Lead & backing vocals
  • Steve Georgakopoulos – Lead & rhythm guitars
  • Elias Negrin – Guitars, samples & arrangements
  • Jim “Samael” Touloumtzis – Bass
  • Charis Kambitsis – Drums



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