Kaipa – “In the Wake of Evolution” (2010)


Label : InsideOut

Review by Tony Cannella

Like progressive music? Well, have I got the band you. You simply don’t get anymore progressive than Sweden’s Kaipa. This is a band who have a long history, having been in existence since 1974 and released their self-titled debut in 1975. After taking a hiatus in 1982 the band re-grouped in 2000 and have never looked back. Now 35-years after that initial debut the band have released their 10th studio album, “In the Wake of Evolution”, their first album since 2007’s “Angling Feelings”. Despite their prog leanings, Kaipa also manage to add such different influences as fusion and folk music to create an epic prog/fusion/folk piece of work on “In the Wake of Evolution”. Even though there are only 8-songs on “In the Wake of Evolution”, the CD clocks in at a whopping 70-minutes long. The opening title track is close to 11-minutes long and is pretty much indicative of what to expect throughout the course of the CD. Patrik Lundstrom and Aleena Gibson alternate vocals and do a great job. The CD is full of long instrumental jams that should please the musicians out there. The next track, “In the Heart of Her Own Magic Field” became an instant favorite, boasting a melodic chorus and some fantastic musicianship, this was one of the biggest highlights for me. The next track is the almost 18-minute “Electric Power Water Notes”, another great track that – although it is 18-minutes long – the band manage to keep it interesting and exciting, which is the case throughout the whole album. Other highlights include: “The Words Are Like Leaves”, “Arcs of Sound” and the closing 10-minute “The Seven Oceans of Our Mind”. Musically Kaipa are just amazing and you simply don’t hear too many bands like this these days. At times they remind me of such great 70’s bands as Kansas, Yes and Queen. The songs may be long but they are never boring, and the lyrics are also well written, insightful and socially conscious. Make no mistake about it, Kaipa are not a band that writes simple 3-5 minute songs and surely will not appeal to everyone. However, If you like long, epic songs, talented musicianship, great vocals and plenty of melody, than give Kaipa a listen.

Rating – 90/100



  1. In The Wake of Evolution
  2. In The Heart of Her Own Magic Field
  3. Electric Power Water Notes
  4. Folkia’s First Decision
  5. The Words Are Like Leaves
  6. Arcs of Sound
  7. Smoke from a Secret Source
  8. The Seven Oceans of Our Mind


Line Up

  • Patrik Lundstrom – Vocals
  • Aleena Gibson – Vocals
  • Hans Lundin – Electric and Acoustic Keyboards, Vocals
  • Per Nilsson – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
  • Jonas Reingold – Bass
  • Morgan Agren – Drums



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