Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Kandia is an Alternative Metal band from Portugal. They released their debut EP “Light” in 2008 and now have released their full-length debut. “Inward Beauty|Outward Reflection” is a 12-song, 50-minute slab of metal that features a constant groove running through their songs, complete with bombastic riffing and the controlled aggression of vocalist Nya. After a brief opening intro, “Paranoia” kicks things off and right off-the-bat I would have to say that this is my favorite song. The mood for this track is very aggressive with vocalist Nya packing a great deal of ferocity in her vocal delivery but still managing to inject a lot of melody as well. “Into Your Hands” is next and is another straight-forward number with huge guitar riffs and a great, catchy, memorable chorus. “Hold on to Me” is a mid-tempo number and would make a great single. Other highlights include: “Inwards”, “Reflections”, “Love Me As I Am” and “Rise ‘09” (a song re-recorded off their first EP). “Inward Beauty | Outward Reflection” is a pretty forceful, attention grabbing CD. Kandia do a great job in combining all out metallic aggression with melodic flair.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Intro
  2. Paranoia
  3. Into Your Hands
  4. Hold on to Me
  5. Inwards
  6. All I Need to Know
  7. Reflections
  8. Y.S.L.E.
  9. Love Me As I Am
  10. Rise ‘09
  11. Waste My Time
  12. Reflections (Radio Edit)  


Line Up  

  • Nya Cruz – Vocals 
  • André Cruz – Guitars
  • Bernardo Lima – Bass
  • Daniel Silva – Drums 



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