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Review by Tony Cannella

The band Khael has been around since only 2008. On their debut full-length release “Dualidad” Khael present almost an hour’s worth of worth of catchy hard rock, accentuated by heavy biting guitar riffs. The band also hails from Spain and all of the lyrics on “Dualidad” are sung in Spanish by lead vocalist Aroa Martin. From the opening track “Sueños Deshojados” it is apparent that Khael really specialize in melodic – and at times, metallic – heavy rock. Musically the sound is quite intricate and the lead vocals of Aroa Martin are a serious highlight throughout the CD. She’s got a clean style, perfect for performing hard rock and she’s also got quite an impressive range to her voice. That much is evident on such tracks as: “Pinceladas”, “Vida” and “Demonios”. Khael are a high caliber band playing high quality music. I can find very few things to dislike about “Dualidad”.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Sueños Deshojados
  2. Vida
  3. Demonios
  4. Momentos
  5. Dunas de Sal
  6. En tus Manos
  7. Pinceladas
  8. El Placer que Confunde
  9. Isla Olvido
  10. Un Nuevo Despertar
  11. Acordes 


Line Up

  • Aroa Martin – Vocals
  • Victor Duran – Guitar
  • Edu Fernandez – Bass
  • Daniel Perez – Drums 



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