Kimaera – “Solitary Ground” (2010)


Label : Stygian Crypt Production

Review by Luisa Mercier

Lebanon is not exactly the country you will look to when searching for some gothic-doomish stuff, but here it is a band that even succeded in reaching a internationally recognized status.
They are Kimaera and “Solitary Impact” is their second full-length. They play death/doom metal, which is made more melodic by the use of piano, violins, synth and occasional female vocals to balance the grunts. On this album, they are provided by a guest singer, since their former vocalist moved to Australia after the first record.
The first track “Bloody Tourniquet” is a good example of what I am describing here or “A Silent Surrender” with its amazing piano intro that gives way to guitars and death metal grunts backed by strings. There are also clear references to Oriental music, just listen the ending of the track completely bathed in female vocals and Arabic atmosphere. The title-track is more death-doom than the previous ones, in “Holy Grief” the strings are heard in the beginning together with male clean vocals and piano. But it is only a matter of few seconds, doom metal is back.
Even though the music is quite good and enjoyable, the production lacks a bit and it is a real pity because otherwise this album could have been a little masterpiece of gothic-doom metal.
“In the Shade of Nephilim” is a track which could have drawn benefit from such a thing, the same for “All That I Am” and “The Taste of Treason” which incorporates all different genres: from black metal to more melodic ones. “Of Wine And Woe” is a short instrumental break, while “The Garden Tomb” has almost a cinematic feeling to it. Very good record, they really deserve a lot of attention!

Rating – 80/100



  1. Bloody Tourniquet
  2. A Breath of Despair
  3. A Silent Surrender
  4. Solitary Impact
  5. Holy Grief
  6. In The Shade of Nephilim
  7. All That I Am
  8. The Taste of Treason
  9. Of Wine and Woe
  10. The Garden Tomb


Line Up

  • Jean Pierre Haddad – Vocals/Guitars
  • Mona Bassil – Female Vocals (Session)
  • Paul Garabed – Lead Guitars
  • Charbel Nacouz – Keys
  • Milia Fares – Violins
  • Simon Saade – Drums



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