Kingfisher Sky – “Skin of the Earth” (2010)


Label : Suburban Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Holland’s Kingfisher Sky began in 2001 when drummer Ivar de Graaf left the seminal Dutch band Within Temptation. He soon joined up with classically trained vocalist Judith Rijnveld and Kingfisher Sky was born. Their music is described as Progressive Myth Rock and this style can be heard on their recently released second album “Skin of the Earth”. Kingfisher Sky’s debut, “Hallway of Dreams” created quite a positive buzz in the Gothic Metal underground and “Skin of the Earth” is a step in an even more confident and grandiose direction for this Dutch band. Aside from the aforementioned Progressive leanings the band manages to add such varied influences of Folk, Symphonic and Gothic Metal. The Arabian feel of the opener “Multitude” and that is followed by the excellent mid-tempo, symphonic charged track, “Rise From The Flames”. The hauntingly beautiful ballad “The Attic” is next. Other highlights include: “My Better Part”, “Two Old Trees”, “We Love Our Heroes” and the closer, “The Edge Of Sanity”. “Skin Of The Earth” is just a fabulous sophomore release from Kingfisher Sky. Musically, Kingfisher Sky does show some similarities to Ivar’s former band and Judith, at times, reminds me a bit of Sharon den Adel. To be compared to Within Temptation is never a bad thing in my opinion, but the songs that can be heard on “Skin of the Earth” are more than just Within Temptation part 2, Kingfisher Sky has really worked hard to create their own identity and their newest output does just that.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Multitude
  2. Rise from the Flames
  3. The Attic
  4. My Better Part
  5. Like A Shadow
  6. Two Old Trees
  7. We Love Our Heroes
  8. Mushroom Wall
  9. Liquid Clocks
  10. One More Day
  11. The Edge of Sanity


Line Up

  • Judith Rijnveld – Vocals
  • Edo van der Kalk – Guitar
  • Chris Henny – Guitar
  • Maaike Peterse – Cello
  • David Guitierrez Rojas – Keyboards 
  • Eric Hoogendoorn – Bass
  • Ivar de Graaf – Drums



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