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Review by Tony Cannella

Metal truly is a worldwide phenomenon. That’s no humungous revelation there, but I am always blown away by the number of countries and cultures represented in the metal universe. Another example of this the Turkish all female band Kirmizi who has just released their new debut “Isyan” and it is filled with pounding, in-your-face straight-forward metal. No fooling around with this band, they get straight to the point. Lead vocalist Idil Cagatay may not be the most gifted vocalist on the planet, but she sure packs plenty of power and strength in her voice, as she goes from a more traditional metal style to a screaming her lungs out approach. The songs are sung in their native Turkish language and the while the band is straight forward there are moments of technicality that is quite impressive. The opener “Cekilin Basinden” is a huge sounding introduction. The next track “Uyan” is great as well as it gallops to the finish line. The 3rd song “Isyan” is a grand slice of mid-tempo, melodic metal. “Elveda” keeps up the power and momentum. “Azat Et”, “Kimsin Sen” are among the songs that should please metal fans. Kirmizi really impressed me big time with “Isyan”. Not much is really known about this band, except for the fact that they played (or will play?) some dates with Arch Enemy. As the CD progressed I also became a huge fan of the lead vocalist. The fact that the lyrics are sung in Turkish should not deter any metal fans. Good music is good music and “Isyan” is beyond a good album.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Cekilin Basindan
  2. Uyan
  3. Isyan
  4. Elveda
  5. Azat Et
  6. Kimsin Sen
  7. Geri (Kaypack)
  8. Vazgecmem Asla


Line Up

  • Idil Çagatay – Vocals/Guitars/Harp
  • Saba Arat – Electro Guitar
  • Ecem Otgucuoglu – Bass Guitar
  • Asli Polat – Drums



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