Kittie – “In the Black” (2009)


Label : Massacre Records / E1 Entertainment

Review By Tony Cannella

The Canadian band Kittie first formed in 1996 and have previously released four albums. The band have now unleashed their fifth CD titled “In The Black” and it is over 40-minutes worth of no-holds-barred, pounding rhythms and in-your-face metal from these four Canadians that is like a shot of adrenalin. As soon as the brief intro “Kingdom Come” reaches it’s climax, the band launch into “My Plague” and there is no slowing down, or taking it easy, this is about as hungry as it gets. The song has just a relentless riff coursing through it and the screaming vocals of Morgan Lander. She can do more than just scream, however as she showcases different ranges and styles throughout the course of this 12-song release. From there the band launch into one of my favorite songs on the CD, “Cut Throat”, the song is rather short at almost 3-minutes long, but they make the most out of those three minutes. Another favorite is melodically charged, yet still heavy “Die My Darling”. Other highlights include: “Sorrow I Know”, “Now or Never” and “The Truth”. No doubt about it, with “In the Black” Kittie move in for the kill. Most of the songs are in the 3-4 range, but they hit you hard and fast and the effect is devastating. I have to admit, that I have only heard Kittie here-and-there over the years, but after listening to “In the Black”, you can count me as a fan. May not be for everyone, but if you like metal that is aggressive and confrontational, with some good melody mixed in, check this one out.

Rating: 85/100



  1. Kingdom Come
  2. My Plague
  3. Cut Throat
  4. Die My Darling
  5. Sorrow I Know
  6. Forgive and Forget
  7. Now or Never
  8. Falling Down
  9. Sleepwalking
  10. Whiskey Love Song
  11. Ready Aim Riot
  12. The Truth


Line Up

  • Morgan Lander – Vocals & Guitar
  • Tara McLeod – Guitar
  • Ivy Vujic – Bass
  • Mercedes Lander – Drums



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