Knifeworld – “Dear Lord, No Deal” EP (2011)


Label : Believers Roast

Review by Luisa Mercier

After their debut album “Buried Alone: Tales of Crushing Defeat” was released in 2009, Knifeworld are back with a 3-track EP. Even though it may seems a bit short, the last song is 14 minutes long, so almost half an hour of music is assured. Now the line-up has six members and can be considered complete. I have to say that this EP is not easy at all to analyze since their music is completely crazy! The opening track is “Pilot Her”, a two minute track with pop, punk and prog influences. The addition of high pitched vocals gives a overall sense of madness and avantgarde! The title-track follows and it is really nice to observe how such a short song can involve so many influences and have such a progressive feeling. There some weird keyboard riffs, some strange guitars here and there. You should have understood that there is nothing predictable about this band and the last track confirms the impression! “HMS Washout” is a real trip: it starts as an art-rock track with the usual prog influences, goes on as an ambient/electronic piece and becomes slowly creepier when a saxophone appears til it calms down again. The ending is rock again with a punk edge. So if you have a lot of patience and love avantgarde, Knifeworld could really be your cup of tea!

Rating – 80/100



  1. Pilot Her
  2. Dear Lord, No Deal
  3. HMS Washout


Line Up

  • Melanie Woods – Vocals
  • Kavus Torabi – Vocals, Guitar & Various Instruments
  • Craig Fortnam – Bass
  • Emmett Elvin – Keyboards
  • Chloe Herington – Saxophone, Bass & Vocals 
  • Khyam Allami – Drums


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