Krampus – “Shadows of Our Time” EP (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Si Smith

Italian folk metal? What’s not to like! From the first strains of the intro “Echoes from the Ancients” it is clear that this is top quality melodic folk metal. Describing their own music as a cross between folk and melodic death metal, these latter influences show in a great growling male vocal and aggressive riffing. The first song (the title track of the EP) successfully echoes the majestic roar of Equilibrium tempered with some of the more folkier tinges of Arkona. Melodic yet brutal in parts. This is followed by a mid-tempo number “Tears of Stone” which introduces some innovative woodwind-riffing alongside the guitars and a great sing along chorus. Female backing vocals come to add some beauty to the choral parts. “The Rocks of Verden” jumps in as another driving folk track with male growled vocals and accompanying riffage. A slow section and the return of the woodwind brings some contrast to the table. At least these songs aren’t just the same old stuff regurgitated all the way through. “Witches Lullaby” starts with suitable lullaby tinkling, then quickly bursts into frantic musical aggression – no lullaby this then! Male growls and shouts accompany the now familiar guitar and woodwind combo, leading to some of the lowest grunts of the EP so far. “Howl” contains some of the more recognisable violin parts from Marika (also the female vocalist). It is another jolly song with great chorus and solid guitar parts. The EP closes with “Wooden Memories”, a jig that sounds almost Finntroll-y in some of its sections. Once again traditional folk sounds prevail alongside the guitar. All in all this EP is an admirable slab of folk metal, easily up there with the stalwarts of the genre. Congratulations to Krampus for really pulling this one off!!

Rating – 80/100



  1. Echoes from the Ancients
  2. Shadows of Our Time
  3. Tears of Stone
  4. The Rocks of Verden
  5. Witches’ Lullaby
  6. Howl
  7. Wooden Memories


Line Up

  • Filippo – Lead Vocals
  • Leonardo – Lead Guitar
  • Alessandro – Guitar
  • Matteo – Bagpipes, Whistles, Flutes, Irish Bouzouki & Chorus
  • Marika – Violin & Female Vocals
  • Tommaso – Keyboards & Chorus
  • Davide – Bass & Chorus
  • Carlo – Drums



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