Kylesa – “Spiral Shadow” (2010)


Label : Season of Mist

Review by Tony Cannella

Some bands are difficult to categorize.  In the case of Georgia’s Kylesa it is hard to figure out in which genre or sub genre the band belongs.  Kylesa’s history dates back to 2001. In 2002 they released their self-titled debut. Now, the band has just issued their latest album “Spiral Shadow”. If your having trouble deciding in which category this band belongs in, just file Kylesa under ‘heavy music’, because simply put, “Spiral Shadow” features some truly heavy songs. Kylesa features the duel male/female vocals of Phillip Cope and Laura Pleasants – both of which also play guitars. Among the 11-song 40-minutes worth of music on the CD, the songs carry an almost dreamy, ethereal vibe to go along with massive amounts of heaviness. The song that stood out for me was the title song; this track has an almost classic 70’s classic rock feel to it and is a bit of a departure from the rest of the material.  In addition to the song “Spiral Shadow”, other highlights for me included: “Forsaken”, “Crowded Road” and “Back and Forth”. Musically the songs on “Spiral Shadow” know only one direction and that is of unapologetic heaviness. Fans who love heavy and energetic music should give Kylesa a chance.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Tired Climb
  2. Cheating Synergy
  3. Drop Out
  4. Crowded Road
  5. Don’t Look Back
  6. Distance Closing In
  7. To Forget
  8. Forsaken
  9. Spiral Shadow
  10. Back and Forth
  11. Dust 

Line Up

  • Phillip Cope – Guitars, Vocals
  • Laura Pleasants – Guitar, Vocals
  • Corey Barhorst – Bass 
  • Carl McGinley – Drums
  • Tyler Newbery – Drums



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