Laid 8 – “Laid 8” EP (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Israel is not really known as a metal hotbed, obviousl, but that doesn’t stop the interestingly named band Laid 8. With their self-titled 4-track EP Laid 8 gives the listeners an earful of highly melodic and dramatic metal, with a great deal of skill as both musicians and songwriters. The overall vibe of Laid 8 is mid-tempo, straight forward metal. The vocalist Tal Itay – at times – reminds me of Amy Lee from Evanescence, that is the closest comparison that I can think of, but she injects enough of her own personality into the songs to not be mistaken for an Amy Lee clone. The demo opens with the riff-heavy powerful rocker “Necessary Evil” and from there Laid 8 pretty much continues on in a similar vein. “Point of No Return” is another hard hitting number. That is followed by my favorite track, “Answers”. The band does some cool stuff on this one with vocal harmonies. The final track is a bit of a departure from the previous three and features some tempo changes. There is no denying the power and the hugeness of Laid 8’s sound, particularly with the singer. Overall, I was impressed with Laid 8’s songs throughout this EP. The band maintains its heaviness, while still offering plenty in the way of melodicism that potentially could appeal to a wider audience.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Necessary Evil
  2. Point of No Return
  3. Answers
  4. Living Flame 


Line Up

  • Tal Itay – Vocals
  • Uri Ofir – Bass
  • Dave G. – Guitars 
  • Oded Grosz – Drums



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