Lateless – “Breath Again” DEMO (2009)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Lateless are a Russian female fronted metal band. The band is fronted by singer Nataly. Joining her in the band are: Vecheslav (guitar), Sergey (guitar), Yaroslav (bass) and rounding out this combo we have Nick on drums. They have just issued their new 5-song 20 minute demo titled “Breath Again”. After a few listens, I have to give this band some credit, I really like what I hear. The CD begins with a nice little subdued – almost funky – guitar riff as “Lonely Days” kicks in and really gets things off on the right foot. Next is the title song “Breath Again”. This starts off as a ballad, but quickly builds into a heavy mid-tempo song with a hypnotic guitar riff. The dreamy, ethereal vocals of Nataly are really captivating here. Next up is “My Second Nightmare”. This is a good melodic metal song. At almost 3-minutes long, this is the shortest track and also one of the best this CD has to offer. “The Caribbean” is probably my favorite song of the bunch. It begins and ends with the sound effect of waves crashing on the shore and in-between it is just a perfectly haunting mid-tempo type number. The song is centered around some really great guitar work and overall this song is just an enjoyable metal tune. The final song is the Synth pop version of “Lonely Days”. This definitely shows another side to the song and this version gives it a darker feel. Vocal wise, I am not sure who I would compare Nataly to, if anyone. She’s not exactly operatic, although she does have the range to get there if the song calls for it. I guess some would probably lump Lateless into the gothic metal sub genre, but I think you can just file the band into the category of just being a good metal band. All 5-songs are in the 3-5 minute range and they are well written and well produced. I hear a lot of promise on “Breath Again”. Word is that they are preparing to work on their full-length debut. I look forward to giving that a listen and seeing what they come up with.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Lonely Days
  2. Breath Again
  3. My Second Nightmare
  4. The Caribbean
  5. Lonely Days (Synth Pop Version)


Line Up

  • Nataly – Vocals
  • Vecheslav – Guitar
  • Sergey – Guitar
  • Yaroslav – Bass
  • Nick – Drums


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