Lateless – “Lonely Days” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

Russia’s Lateless have already released a very promising demo CD titled “Breath Again”. That was a strong output that really set the band well on their way. They have just released a new demo recording titled “Lonely Days” – well half of it is new – it does feature two new versions of songs that appeared on their previous demo. Whatever the case, it is still a welcomed occurrence to hear this band once again. The band have retained the heaviness that made their debut demo such a treat and that really makes this one work as well. Actually, they’ve only gotten heavier, yet still retaining their melodic sensibilities. All of that can be heard on the 4-songs and 17-minutes worth of music that can be heard here. The CD begins with “All Right” – one of the new songs and a great opener! This has a solid guitar riff coursing throughout the track and the vocals of Nataly are clean and crystal clear. Track 2 is the first of the two songs that can be heard on the “Breath Again” demo. “The Caribbean” was one of the highlights on that demo and it is also one here. It starts again with the sound of crashing waves then launches into an undeniable riff. Nataly also puts her great vocal range to use here. The next track “Lonely Days”can also be heard on the previous demo – in two different versions. This version is a more guitar driven, hungrier sounding take on the song. The final track “Two People” is another heavy one that is the perfect closer for this demo. Lateless continues to show promise and are one of Russia’s most exciting bands these days. Hopefully the day is not far off when we can hear a full-length from this band. “Lonely Days” is indeed another step in the right direction.

Rating – 75/100



  1. All Right
  2. The Caribbean
  3. Lonely Days
  4. Two People


Line Up

  • Nataly – Vocals
  • Vecheslav – Guitar
  • Sergey – Guitar
  • Yaroslav – Bass
  • Nick – Drums



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