Le Monnier – “Russian Doll Life” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Following on the heels of their excellent debut, “Cynic Sister”, the powerhouse U.K. trio Le Monnier returns with their sophomore effort, “Russian Doll Life”. I have no idea what the title means either, but I can say that the second Le Monnier album is as potent, infectious and like-able as their first. “Russian Doll Life” comes out of the gate fast and furious with opener “The Beginning”. The riffs come in waves and the unique vocals of Alex Le Monnier lead the way. Next up is the first single “Con Amor Siempre”. This song slows the tempo down a bit, but not the quality as this was an excellent choice for the first single. The infectious “On That Road Again” is next and features a chorus that is so damn catchy that you couldn’t get it out of your head if you tried. This song is definitely among my favorites. Also one of my favorites is the sensitive ballad “Say Who You Are”. Aside from her huge, goose bump inducing vocals, Alex also proves what a talented lyricist she is. This is definitely something that comes from the heart. Other highlights include: “Home”, “Haunt Me”, “Fall Away” and the awesome “Mediocre Me”. There is something wonderfully retro about Le Monnier. They seem to be influenced by 70s hard rock, while still managing to sound important and relevant in 2011/12. For fans who liked their debut effort, “Russian Doll Life” from Le Monnier should absolutely satisfy your hunger for good, strong melodic rock with memorable hooks and songs. Alex and crew deliver just that and more. This is one band to watch in 2012.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Con Amor Siempre
  2. On That Road Again
  3. Home
  4. Haunt Me
  5. Fall Away
  6. Hidden Faces
  7. Say Who You Are
  8. Seek and You’ll Find
  9. The Moth
  10. Mediocre Me
  11. ‘Till the Dreams Come True


Line Up

  • Alexandra Le Monnier – Vocals & Bass
  • Matt Keil – Guitars & Piano 
  • Josh Williams – Drums & Percussion



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