Leaves – “While the Light Continues Spinning” (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Barcelona, Spain come Leaves. The band has quite an extensive history. Leaves first came on to the scene in 2001 with the 5-song mini-EP, “XTC” and followed that up with two live releases in 2006 and 2007, now finally they have released their full-length studio debut, “While The Light Continues Spinning”. The album features a clash of styles ranging from Metal, Gothic, Rock and Power Pop, giving Leaves a certain ambiance that makes them difficult to classify into any one genre. The first thing that came to mind while listening to “While the Light Continues Spinning” are the similarities between vocalist Rachel and ex-Gathering vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen. I am sure that there are comparisons between the two forth-coming. The band as a whole, reminds me of “Mandylion” and “Nighttime Birds” era The Gathering, which is never a bad thing, in my opinion. The CD begins with ambient sounds and starts off kind of slow – stylistically speaking – before the title song picks up steam and heaviness and alternates between slower and heavy tempos. The album really starts to take shape with the second track, “Zero”. Here is when you start to realize what an impressive vocalist Rachel is and how good the songwriting and musicianship are, as well. “My Own Way”, “Observed” and “Yellow” are three more rock solid and steady tracks that keep things moving along nicely. “My Own Way”, in particular became a big favorite of mine, thanks – in large part – to the heartfelt and emotional vocal delivery of Rachel. Other highlights included: “Yellow”, “Anchor”, “Logan”, “Cover Me”, “Words” and the final track, the melodic and emotionally charged “Rose in Heaven”. So, if you are missing the style of The Gathering circa 1995-97 than Leaves should be right up your alley but there is enough good material present here that should make “While the Light Continues Spinning” a viable metal release in 2010. Leaves are an impressive rock/metal band that should have no trouble in forging their own identity and path in the future.

Rating – 80/100



  1. While the Light Continues Spinning
  2. Zero
  3. My Own Way
  4. Observed
  5. Yellow
  6. Anchor
  7. Logan
  8. Cover Me
  9. So I Am
  10. Words
  11. Lost
  12. Rose in Heaven


Line Up

  • Rachel – Lead Vocals
  • Manjon – Guitars
  • Frank – Guitar, Vocals
  • Mireia – Keyboards
  • Francis – Bass
  • Jordy – Drums



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