L’Endevì – “When I Desire Something, You Can’t Do Anything” (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Spain L’Endevi have just released their debut album, “When I Desire Something, You Can’t Do Anything”. A great title that is somewhat confrontational, much like the music contained on this album. The bands style has been described as a mix between Gothic and Symphonic Metal, one thing is for certain, on this 11-song, 54-minute debut L’Endevi unleash plenty of power on the unsuspecting listener. Front person Mamen, maybe technically is not the greatest singer you will ever hear, but she more than makes up for it with raw emotion, character and charisma. She has the ability to go from aggressive to subtle and mellow, often times in the course of one song. The opening track, “Fortune-Teller” is a great example of the diversity that Mamen and L’Endevi possess. The song starts off aggressively, before changing tempos to a slower pace, before building back up again near the end of the song. Just a fantastic way to begin things and for sure a small dose of what you can expect. The next track, “1234” continues on with some powerful guitar riffs, pounding rhythms and once more some great singing by Mamen. The third track, “Samsara” offers a bit of a change-of-pace with an opening that features a Middle-Eastern flavor and this also happens to be one of the best songs presented here. Once again, some great guitar riff-age and at this point, L’Endevi are on a roll as “When I Desire Something…” just continues to gain momentum. “Hunter of Sounds” slows down the pace a little bit with a dreamy, ethereal vibe and this turns out to be another highlight, by the time the pace quickens near the middle of the track. There are plenty of stellar moments to sort through on this album, “Magic Meadow Innocent” (some truly awesome vocals on this one), “Water’s Darkness”, “Behind the Wall” and the album closer, “Eternal Dream” really help to make this a satisfying debut. When all is said-and-done, “When I Desire Something, You Can’t Do Anything” boasts a lot of power and intensity. The songs are aggressive while still managing to be melodic. Overall, a good debut from L’Endevi that leaves the listener waiting for what is around the next corner.

Rating – 90/100



  1. The Fortune-Teller
  2. 1234
  3. Samsara
  4. Hunter of Sounds
  5. Magic Meadow Innocent
  6. Crystal Eyes
  7. Water’s Darkness
  8. Rockburningsoul
  9. Behind the Wall
  10. To the Limit
  11. Eternal Dream

Line Up

  • Mamen – Vocals
  • Jaume – Guitar
  • Pater – Guitar
  • Guille – Bass
  • Mario – Drums



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