Lord Vampyr – “Carpathian Tragedies” (2009)


Label: Zero Effect Records

Review By Tony Cannella

Sometimes you can’t judge a book (or a CD) by it’s cover. Take Italy’s Lord Vampyr for example. When this CD arrived I was all set to dismiss them as just another black metal band based the album cover, song titles, band members names, etc., etc. Than I listened to their new CDCarpathian Tragedies” and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sure there are elements of black metal mixed in there with other influences and styles, but the band offers so much more. The band is named after lead vocalist Lord Vampyr. He is joined by female vocalist Lady Eter The rest of the band looks like this: Seth 666 (Guitars), Aerioch (Bass), Aeternus (Drums), Endymion(Keyboards) and Yog Sothoth (Keyboards/Sax). “Carpathian Roots” begins things and right away you sense that this is going to be something a little different. The song is immediately theatrical and it sets a definite atmosphere. It’s a very broad number that sets the tone. The vocals of Lord Vampyr remind me a bit of “Them”/”Conspiracy” era King Diamond – although he does incorporate various styles – and the music is very intricate and involved. The female vocalist of Lady Eter are also quite impressive and the two style have a great chemistry together. The next track “Land of the Dacians” is next and this song begins with some truly eerie orchestration before launching into just a heavy tune that shows off more of their black metal influence, but the song remains orchestral throughout. The lead vocals are handled by Lord Vampyre on this one with Lady Eter providing some background vox. With the third track “Dance of the Witches” the band provide no let-up as the CD continues it’s relentless pace. The lead vocals are split pretty evenly here and the musicianship is just pure intensity. “Eternal War” is next and it offers up a change of pace. Their are lots of tempo changes in this one and the vocals are split pretty evenly on this one as well. This is definitely a favorite. “The Lady and the River – a Ghost Story” follows and it is more of a straight forward song, with great vocals by Lord Vampyre and Lady Eter. “When the Death Is Not the End” hands down is my favorite track and it features saxophone (!) played by Yog Sothoth. This song just really stands out and it’s not everyday you hear sax on a metal record. The final three songs “The Blind Executioner – Part I”, “The Blind Executioner – Part II” and “Strigoi” bring to a completion a very strong and powerful CD. “Carpathian Tragedies” has the look and feel of a big conceptual production. It’s difficult to tell if there is story going on throughout, since sadly there are no lyrics included with the CD (with the exception of “Carpathian Roots”). Overall, this is a band that I really enjoyed. Just when you think you got things figured out they change things up and head in a different direction. Musically and vocally, this is dark music but it’s not downer music. There is something uplifting and exciting about the music that can be heard on “Carpathian Tragedy”. I loved this CD!

Rating – 90/100



  1. Carpathian Roots
  2. Land of the Dacians
  3. Dance of the Witches
  4. Eternal War
  5. The Lady and the River – a Ghost Story
  6. When the Death Is Not the End
  7. The Blind Executioner – Part I
  8. The Blind Executioner – Part II
  9. Strigoi


Line Up

  • Lord Vampyr – Vocals
  • Lady Eter – Vocals
  • Seth 666 – Guitars
  • Endymion – Keyboards & Sax
  • Aerioch – Bass
  • Aeternus – Drums



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