Lullacry – “Where Angels Fear” (2012)


Label : OUTO Recordings/Scarlet Records

Review by Tony Cannella

I had given up all hope that this band even still existed. It has been seven long years since the Finnish hard rock band Lullacry released their last album “Vol. 4”. Now, finally the band returns with a new label (Scarlet Records) and a brand spankin’ new album called “Where Angels Fear”. Musically, not much has changed for Lullacry. They still play hard, straight-forward songs, mixing in hard rock riffs, bordering on metal with healthy doses of melody and attitude. “Antidote to You” gets things off on the right foot, and brings to mind what was always great about Lullacry. There is no major shift in musical style for this band, which is okay in my book. “Still an Angel” is next and speeds up the tempo with a monster guitar riff. Vocalist Tanja Lainio does a great job on the material as she delivers the lyrics with attitude and passion. She really has settled in nicely in the singers’ role for this band. “Thousand Suns” is next and slows the tempo down a bit, but it is still a heavy song and has a goth edge to it. Next is the excellent “Feel My Revenge”. This song features a pretty cool duet between Tanja and producer and ex-Misery Inc. vocalist Mikko Herranen. The following songs, “Bad Blood” (the first video track), “All Behind”, “Gone Are the Days” and “I Am” are all excellent tracks that moves things along at a steady pace. The final track “Stay” is a ballad that brings things to a conclusion on a serene note. Seven years is a long time to wait between albums, but Lullacry has put that time to good use by writing some killer songs for “Where Angels Fear”. Hopefully we will not have to wait another seven years between albums.  “Where Angels Fear” is like a visit from an old friend. Welcome back, guys and girl!

Rating – 85/100



  1. Antidote to You
  2. Still An Angel
  3. Thousand Suns
  4. Feel My Revenge
  5. Bad Blood
  6. All Behind
  7. Gone Are the Days
  8. I Am
  9. Broken (Into Pieces)
  10. Where Angels Fear
  11. Stay


Line Up

  • Tanja Lainio – Vocals
  • Sami Leppikangas – Lead Guitar
  • Sauli Kivilahti – Guitar
  • Kimmo Hitunen – Bass
  • Jukka Outinen – Drums



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