Lunacy Box – “Lunacy Box” (2009)


Label: New Model Label/Black Fading Records

Review By Tony Cannella

The strangely monickered band Lunacy Box hail from Italy and they play hard-edged rock/metal, but other than that they are tough to describe. They incorporate a number of influences from heavy pop to alternative and of course rock and metal. The guitar riffs are trance-like and ethereal and the overall musicianship and draftsmanship of the songs are very good. The band is fronted by female power vocalist Ms. Larsen. Cristiano Santini (Guitar), Andrea Bastoni (Bass) and Davide Furlani (Drums) complete the line-up. The opening track “Wrong Lane” starts off heavy and then changes tempo for the first verse. Vocalist Ms.Larsen has a unique voice that is well suited for what is going on musically. This is pretty cool tune, that has a cool dark and mysterious vibe. A good start. Next is “Save” and it keeps the mood alive and is one of highlights. The track features a heavy riff and a catchy melody, that really makes the song. “Love to Hate Me” is next and it is a very edgy track brimming with attitude and rebellion. “Broken Dreams” is just a straight forward down and dirty rocker of a tune that starts off with a heavy, funky riff and it has a great chorus. The 1-minute track “Nice Shot prelude” leads us into the biggest surprise on the CD a cover version of the song “Hey Man, Nice Shot!” originally done by Filter. The band really do an excellent version of the song and it is one of the highlights. That is not to say that Lunacy Box can’t write their own songs. They write very well a fact that is evidenced on such songs as “No Turning Back” and “I Think I’m Done”. “Hide” offers a change of pace from the hard driving mayhem, it is a really pretty ballad that has plenty of heart and emotion behind it. The awesome closing number “More Than I Do” is the absolute highlight for me and a fantastic way to end things and leave the listener wanting more. It has a dark and dreamy vibe to it and creates just a cool atmosphere. It looks like Italy has given us another fine band, although this one differs greatly from many of the symphonic metal bands that are coming from that part of the world. Lunacy Box portray a bit of a dark vibe and they certainly have no-nonsense approach that is very admirable. The CD is relatively short at only 38-minutes long, but it is the quality of the material not the quantity, and on these 10 songs, there is plenty of quality. Lunacy Box are a band that can appeal to many different music fans, all they need is to be given a chance.

Rating – 75/100


  1. Wrong Lane
  2. Save
  3. Love to Hate Me
  4. Broken Dreams
  5. Nice Shot Prelude
  6. Hey Man, Nice Shot!
  7. No Turning Back
  8. I Think I’m Done
  9. Hide
  10. More than I Do

Line Up

  • Ms Larsen – Vocals
  • Cristiano Santini – Guitars
  • Andrea Bastoni – Bass
  • Davide Furlani – Drums



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