Lunar Path – “Broken World” EP (2009)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Lunar Path are really the kind of band that I hold in high esteem. They play epic, symphonic metal with a hard rock edge. There current line-up looks like this: Janica Lönn (Vocals), Tuukka Nurmi-Aro (Vocals, Guitar, Live Keyboards) Jonas Eriksson (Guitar), Ari Järvinen (Bass), Pete Romppanen (Drums). The band released a demo in 2007, the  single “Calling” in 2008 and now in 2009 the band have issued a 4-track EP called “Broken World”. The cool thing about this band is that they have progressed from album to album and with “Broken World” that progression continues. Opener “Broken World” begins with an undeniably heavy riff and just proceeds to blast through the speakers. It really grabbed my attention and it is a good representation of what this band is capable of – which is a lot. “Paper Dove” is next and it is slower in tempo, but just as heavy as the previous one. Janica Lonn is a solid front person who has a pretty good range. Her style is not operatic but she has a strong, powerful voice that goes along well with the music. “Now I Know” is next and it is a very passionate track and the vocals on this one remind me a bit of Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil – especially in the “In A Reverie” period. Not a bad person to be compared to. “Now I Know” is probably my favorite track out of the four that are presented here. The final track “Too Late to Say Goodbye” begins with some nice piano before another solid riff comes in and the song really takes off. This is a mid-tempo number that has a nice pace to it and a fine way to end bring “Broken World” to a conclusion.I like this CD a lot. For me “Broken World” is an impossible CD to criticize, it is chock full of great riffs, memorable hook laden chorus and the powerful vocals of Janica Lönn – everything I could want in a band. The 16-minutes of high quality material should come as a welcomed addition to the collection of any fan who leans toward the realm of female fronted symphonic metal.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Broken World
  2. Paper Dove
  3. Now I Know
  4. Too Late to Say Goodbye


 Line Up

  • Janica Lönn – Vocals
  • Tuukka Nurmi-Aro – Vocals, guitar, live keyboards
  • Jonas Eriksson – Guitar
  • Ari Järvinen – Bass
  • Pete Romppanen – Drums



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