Lunocode – “Last Day of the Earth” EP (2011)


Label : Spider Rock Promotion

Review by Tony Cannella

“Last Day of the Earth” is the title of the debut EP from Italian Progressive/Power Metal band Lunocode. The band lists artists such as Dream Theater, Stratovarius and Angra as influences, so it is easy to discern where Lunocode are coming from musically. Within this 6-song, 34-minute debut effort there can be no denying the musical capabilities of Lunocode. After a brief intro “Different Meaning”, the band is out the gates like a shot with the Stratovarius style opener of “Flow, My Tears”, the best song in my opinion. After the sound of thunder, a monster guitar riff begins the next track “Universal Plan”. This song continues the same up-tempo metal style that the previous track displayed. “Heart of the World” is next and it kicks off with a mini-drum solo before the track kicks in. The 9-minute ballad “Silent Thoughts” was probably my second favorite track and features a stellar vocal performance, despite its length, this song managed to hold my attention for its duration. “Last Day of the Earth” concludes on a rather quiet note with the acoustic “Invisible Tears”. The style that prevails for the most part on “Last Day of the Earth” is closer to Stratovarius style Power Metal than anything else I can think of. Vocalist Cecilia Menghi does a good job throughout the disc, she does not utilize an operatic style, like so many singers in the genre and instead she has a soaring, powerhouse metal style that really elevates the material on the album. “Last Day of the Earth” is a rock solid debut from Lunocode and one for fans who love energetic, guitar-driven power metal music.

Rating – 83/100



  1. Different Meanings
  2. Flow, My Tears
  3. Universal Plan
  4. Heart of the World
  5. Silent Thoughts
  6. Invisible Tears (Acoustic Version)


Line Up

  • Cecilia Menghi – Vocals 
  • Paride Mazzoni – Guitar
  • Giordano Buoncompagni – Guitar
  • Francesco Rossi – Bass
  • Perseo Mazzoni – Drums



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