Label : Moonzoo Music/Universal Music Belgium

Review by Tony Cannella

The Symphonic/Gothic Metal band Manic Movement hails from Belgium and originally formed way back in 1993. It wasn’t until 2006 that they decided to add a female lead vocalist. In 2009 Manic Movement released “Dark Glitter” their first album with new vocalist Virginia. That now brings us to their newest release, “Hot! Hot! Hot!”. The album begins with the grandiose “Hopeful”. This is an excellent way to begin things and immediately this rates as one of my favorite songs. The following track “Masquerade” picks up right where the previous one left off, a great melody combined with the powerful operatic vocals of Virginia makes this one another highlight. The next track “Song of the Devil (Hot Hot Hot)” is one that really stands out. The song features a demonic sounding voice in conjunction with some more great lead vocals by Virginia and an excellent guitar solo. The next track “Kali Era” begins as an orchestra driven song before the guitars kick in and the song transforms into a bouncy up-tempo number.  Other highlights include: “Black Is Beautiful”, “Crumbs” and the Ultravox cover “Vienna”. Manic Movement is a solid band and “Hot! Hot! Hot!” is a devil of a good album.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Hopeful
  2. Masquerade
  3. Song of the Devil (Hot Hot Hot)
  4. Kali Era
  5. Black Is Beautiful
  6. Crumbs
  7. String Puppets
  8. Vienna (Ultravox cover)
  9. Sordid Fairytale
  10. Waltz of Spirit
  11. Bleeding Scars


Line Up

  • Virginia Fantoni – Vocals
  • Fréderic Ost – Lead Guitar
  • Jérémy Vasile – Rhythm Guitar
  • Bart – Bass
  • Filip De Graeve – Keyboards
  • Olivier Wittenberg – Drums



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