Meden Agan – Promo 2010


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Greece comes the Gothic/Symphonic metal band Meden Agan. They released their first demo titled, “Nemesis” in 2008. Now, here we have their just issued second demo. The band is fronted by female lead vocalist Illiana. This new demo by Meden Agan features only 5-songs and 21-minutes worth of music, but it is the quality not the quantity. The songs contained here feature plenty of heavy, crunchy riffs; you get a taste of this from the opening track, “Tribute to Life”. They follow that up with the melodic “Dissolve into Grey”, this track features some cool interplay between the lead guitars and keyboards. “All Seems Lost” is probably my favorite on the CD. This song just has a wickedly catchy melody running through it. In lead vocalist Iliana, Meden Agan have a singer that is more than capable as she switches from a mid-range style to an operatic approach. “Black Sky” is one of the heavier and faster tracks, as it just gallops along with a rapid pace. “From The Ashes (of Sin)” is the final track and at over 6-minutes is the longest song. It definitely has a big, epic, symphonic feel to it, bringing the CD to a great conclusion. Having never been familiar with Meden Agan before, this CD has certainly piqued my interest in regards to this very talented Greek band. Lovers of Symphonic Metal should definitely give this band a try.

Rating – 84/100



  1. Tribute to Life
  2. Dissolve into Grey
  3. All Seems Lost
  4. Black Sky
  5. From The Ashes (of Sin)

Line Up

  • Iliana Tsakiraki – Female Vocals
  • Diman Koutsogiannopoulos – Guitar
  • Tolis Mikroulis – Keyboards
  • Aris Nikoleris – Bass, Growls
  • Panos Paplomatas – Drums



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