Metatron – “Human Devolution” EP (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

I really had no idea what these ears were getting themselves into when I first put on the new 3-song EP by Holland’s Death/Gothic metal band Metatron. Their debut EP “Human Devolution” really became an unexpected surprise from the very first listen. With a playing time of only 14-minutes “Human Devolution” is short, sweet, and goes right to the point. The band is fronted by the clean female vocals of Imke Kuipers who works well with her counterpart Stefan Stam who provides the brutal vocals. Aggressiveness is the overall attitude throughout “Human Devolution” and that is quite obvious from the very first song “Creation Hollow”. The guitar riffs are simply huge and the two vocalists share equal amounts of the songs and sound great together. “Tales From the Crawlspace” is next and simply blasts through the speakers with a sort of chugging guitar riff. Despite the aggressive nature of the songs, Metatron also manages to inject some melody amidst the brutality. The final song, “Victims of the Past” is a thrashing number that ends things with a bang. “Human Devolution” is a short, but definitely a satisfying listening experience. Fans who love the more aggressive stuff are sure be pleased with Metatron.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Creation Hollow
  2. Tales From the Crawlspace
  3. Victims of the Past


Line Up

  • Imke Kuipers – Clean Vocals
  • Stefan Stam – Brutal Vocals
  • Maarten ‘Pax’ Blom – Lead Guitar
  • Michael ‘Hak’ Konings – Rhythm Guitar
  • Alex van den Heuvel – Bass
  • Mischa van der Hout – Drums



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