Mizantropia – “Along the Lonesome Alley” (2010)


Label : Grailight Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

From the Ukraine, Mizantropia plays a hybrid of extreme gothic metal, black metal, melodic power, symphonic metal and sprinklings of traditional heavy metal added here and there, got all that? Just issued is their debut album, “Along the Lonesome Alley” and here is a perfect example of a band that totally took me by surprise, in a good way. Mizantropia primarily sings in their native Ukrainian language with bits of English at certain parts throughout the 53-minute album. Lead vocals are shared by Ekaterina Sinegina and Sergey Mushta (who has since left the band) on extreme, screaming vocals. Musically, the songs on “Along the Lonesome Alley” are not as chaotic and brutal as one might think; Mizantropia walks a fine line between heaviness, beautifully structured songs, atmosphere and melody. Ekaterina’s vocals soar right there along with the music and combined with male screamer Sergey Mushta the duo create quite a tandem. Mizantropia were another band that was previously unbeknownst to me.  It is great to see some stellar metal coming from such varied parts of the globe. I for one am always happy to sample young and talented bands such as Mizantropia and “Along the Lonesome Alley” had me impressed from the moment I began listening. 

Rating – 88/100



  1. Ложный Свет (False Light)
  2. Ghost in the Rain
  3. Воскрешение Смертью (Resurrection by Death)
  4. Сказка (The Tale)
  5. Диалог (Dialogue)
  6. Холодный Рассвет (Cold Dawn)
  7. Bloody Fight
  8. Проклятое Чувство (Cursed Feeling)
  9. Outro 


Line Up

  • Ekaterina Sinegina – Vocals 
  • Sergey Mushta – Extreme Vocals
  • Sergey Yasyr – Guitar
  • Evgeniy Suslov – Guitar
  • Igor Ermolenko – Bass
  • Eva – Keyboards
  • Anastasia Kurchenko – Drums



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