Modified – “Cruel Temptation” EP (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

From Canada, comes the female fronted powerhouse rock trio known as Modified. On their debut EP “Cruel Temptation”, Modified showcases their brand of Hard Rock. Throughout the 5-song, 19-minute CD the band deliver some solid riffs, infectious hooks and music that most definitely has an edge to it. “Cruel Temptation” kicks things off here. Immediately I was impressed with the production of the CD and the in-your-face vocals of Tricia Stanley – just a great adrenalin fueled opener. “Selfless Lies” continues in pretty much the same vein as the previous number. “Threetwoone” immediately became a huge favorite of mine, thanks to its great chorus and chug-along guitar riff. “Unfinished Game” continues the solid pace set forth by the previous tracks, this track has got tons of attitude to it. The final track, “When I Wake” ends things on a big, moody note. The song begins as a ballad, but by the mid-way point the track evolves into a big hard rock song. “Cruel Temptation” is a pretty darn good first impression by this talented group of Canadians, after one listen, I was hooked.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Cruel Temptation
  2. Selfless Lies
  3. Threetwoone
  4. Unfinished Game
  5. When I Wake


Line Up

  • Tricia Stanley – Vocals
  • Anthony Xander – Guitar
  • James “Jones” Rose – Drums



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