Label : Immolation Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Mongrel is a Hardcore Punk/Metal hybrid from Boston, Massachusetts. Their second EP is titled “The New Breed of Old School” and is the perfect showcase from this ferocious band. “The New Breed of Old School” features 6-songs and 20-minutes worth of raw, energetic music that hits you hard, fast and with blunt force from the very beginning of the opening track “West Memphis Hell”. “I Refuse” is next and continues the belligerence. The next track “Shut Up, Get Dead” (what a great title) is next and it shows the diversity that Mongrel is capable of. The song alternates between being a bluesy number and pounding thrash. “Bound to Crash” has a slower tempo to it and this song is actually very catchy, and singer Jessica Sierra proves that she can do more than just scream, the melodicism that this track produces caught me off-guard, but it is also one of the high points on “The New Breed of Old School”.  The next track “Houdini Act” begins with a great metal riff, before the song settles into a straight forward groove that lasts until its completion. The pounding final number “The World Loves A Tragedy” brings the EP to a close with the listener wanting more. “The New Breed of Old School” is a fitting title. Mongrel‘s music pays homage to classic hardcore/punk while still keeping their feet firmly planted in 2011. 

Rating – 80/100



  1. West Memphis Hell
  2. I Refuse
  3. Shut Up, Get Dead
  4. Bound to Crash
  5. Houdini Act
  6. The World Loves a Tragedy


Line Up 

  • Jessica Sierra – Vocals
  • Adam Savage – Guitar 
  • Rev – Bass
  • Dave Kazukiwicz – Drums 



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