Mortalium – “On the Broken Wings” EP (2010)


Label : Siore Immelstorn Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Mortalium are a Gothic Doom Metal band from the Ukraine. With their debut 4-song, 17-minute output the band show a style that includes many great and heavy riffs and the crystal clear vocals of Maria at the front. The CD kicks-off with the slow, deliberate pacing of the title song. A heavy riff and Maria’s likeable vocals are the driving force behind this song.  The band speeds things up just a bit for the next track, “Wake Up”. Yaroslav contributes some interesting keyboard work on this one.  Another excellent track that features some more solid riffing. “In Sadness and Fear” is next and as you might gather by the title, has a melancholic tone to it; still this is one of my favorites. The use of violin definitely helps accentuate the despair that the song conveys. “Worms Are Waiting” brings this all-too-short EP to a close on a positively doom-y note. This song features quite a few tempo changes and was another highlight. After listening to these 4-songs on “On the Broken Wings” it is apparent that Mortalium have something cool going on.  After just 17-minutes, I was ready for more.

Rating – 83/100



  1. On the Broken Wings
  2. Wake Up
  3. In Sadness and Fear
  4. Worms Are Waiting

Line Up

  • Maria Nosik – Vocals & Guitar
  • Vadim Fesenko – Guitar
  • Sergey Yukhno– Bass
  • Yaroslav Badradinov – Keyboards
  • Daniil Gayvoronskiy – Drums



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