Mostly Autumn – “Go Well Diamond Heart” (2010)


Label : Mostly Autumn Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The U.K.’s Mostly Autumn is true survivors in the genre of Prog Rock. The band has always done things their own way since their debut album in 1996, from releasing their music through their own label to putting out some great music that bucks the trends and is uniquely their own. In 2010 the band faced the herculean task of replacing popular front woman Heather Findlay but new singer Olivia Sparnenn has stepped in and filled those big shoes quite well on Mostly Autumn’s new album “Go Well Diamond Heart”. Whether you like 70’s influenced prog rock or not (I personally love it), it can never be called flavor-of-the-week music. Sure, it will always have a dedicated fan base but the sad fact is that the mainstream will never get it. Having said (or wrote) that, Mostly Autumn have always been capable of adding musical accessibility to go with the technical precision and intricacies that they have always been known for. The Celtic style opening of “For All We Shared” gets things rolling and is easily one the main highlights for me.   The two vocalists Olivia Sparnenn and Bryan Josh trade off vocals effortlessly and really seem to work well together. One of Mostly Autumn’s biggest influences is Pink Floyd and some of the songs do have a Pink Floyd vibe to them. Other highlights include: “Violet Skies”, “Something Better”, “Go Well Diamond Heart”, “And When The War Is Over…” and “Hold The Sun”. I must admit that I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Mostly Autumn and with “Go Well Diamond Heart” they have continued their grand tradition of mixing experimental prog with accessible hard rock, folk and Celtic music. Mostly Autumn continues to prove the doubters wrong.

Rating – 87/100



  1. For All We Shared
  2. Violet Skies
  3. Deep in Borrowdale
  4. Something Better
  5. Go Well Diamond Heart
  6. Back to Life
  7. Hold the Sun
  8. And When the War Is Over…


Line Up

  • Olivia Sparnenn – Vocals
  • Bryan Josh – Lead and Backing Vocals, Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards
  • Iain Jennings – Keyboards
  • Anne-Marie Helder – Flutes, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars
  • Liam Davison –Rhythm, Acoustic Guitars
  • Andy Smith – Bass
  • Gavin Griffiths – Drums



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