My Inner Burning – “Eleven Scars” (2011)


Label : SPV

Review by Tony Cannella

The 2nd album from Germany’s My Inner Burning is called “Eleven Scars” and features eleven tracks. Coincidence? Not sure, but the songs do flow nicely together and have a conceptual feel. My Inner Burning first ascended on to the metal seen with their 2010 self-titled debut and now they find themselves on a new label (SPV) and a brand spanking new album, that showcases their modern metal, female fronted sound. I have read where My Inner Burning is described as Gothic Metal, but I personally don’t see it, just another case of a band with female singer being lumped into the whole Gothic thing. If anything, I would call My Inner Burning just a straight forward melodic metal band, which is just my own opinion and other people may draw different conclusions. One thing that I did find endearing about My Inner Burning’s 1st album and this one as well is the power, energy and rawness of their music. From the opening track “Masquerade” the band presents a fine mixture of melodic music with heavy and angry sounding elements. Female vocalist Becky Gaber is a true singer who adds a lot to the melodicism of the band whilst the male vocals/shouts provided by guitarist Jorg Janssen gives the band their aggressive, angry edge. “Eleven Scars” features a playing time of about 43-minutes and most of the songs fall in the 3-5 minute range. Songs like “Analize”, “Electrified” and “For the Last Time” head straight for the jugular, while the cool ballad “When I’m Gone” offers a chance to catch your breath before the slamming “Demons” picks up the intensity once again. “When I’m Gone” really stood out as a highlight for me as well as the track “Enemy of Mine”, which is brimming with attitude. Throughout the course of “Eleven Scars” the band are also on top of their game and there are many crunchy, head banging riffs to appease the metal crowd. My Inner Burning has made a huge step in the right direction with “Eleven Scars”. This album continues where their debut left off, but it is also a positive step for the future. While I do like this album and give it a definite ‘thumbs up’, some of the music begins to sound a little similar near the end, but that’s ok, because at 43-minutes long “Eleven Scars” never wears out its welcome.

Rating – 82/100



  1. Masquerade
  2. Analize
  3. Electrified
  4. For the Last Time
  5. When I’m Gone
  6. Demons
  7. Done With Denial
  8. Gone Wrong
  9. Enemy of Mine
  10. New Breed
  11. Home-Sick


Line Up

  • Becky Gaber – Vocals
  • Jorg Janssen – Guitar, Shouts
  • Torsten Sauerbrey – Guitar
  • Daniel Pietrzak – Bass
  • Niklas Kahl – Drums



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