Label : SAOL

Review By Tony Cannella

Germany’s My Inner Burning play up-tempo, high energy, straight-forward metal, with a lot of melody, great hooks and catchy choruses. Their self-titled debut is available now via SAOL and it is an enjoyable 11-song, 43-minutes worth of highly entertaining and listenable metal. The band include elements of electronic music to go along with their metal attitudes, but that should not scare off metal purists at all since the electronic aspect is only a small part of what My Inner Burning have to offer. The songs on My Inner Burning‘s debut have an immediate quality to them that really boast a heavy impact.The vocals of Rebekka Gaber are definitely a high point here, as her style really commands the listeners attention, her vocals go along well with the relentless, groove-laden riffs that are being performed. From the contentious opener, “Head on a Plate” the band mean serious business.The next track, “Guide to Fame and Wealth” keeps the energy level going and guitar Jorg Janssen adds his shouts to the track. This song just has an instantly contagious chorus. “Fly with Me”, “Judgement Day” and “Into Chaos” are pretty powerful tracks, as well. The cool and haunting ballad, “Solitude Within You” is an excellent track that shows that My Inner Burning can be diverse. With their self-titled debut, My Inner Burning have come up with a CD that does a fantastic job in combing modern styles with traditional hard rock and metal. Overall, a pretty good debut from this German band.

Rating – 89/100



  1. Head on a Plate
  2. Guide to Fame and Wealth
  3. Fly with Me
  4. Judgement Day
  5. Solitude Within You
  6. What Has to Be Done
  7. Over and Over and Over Again
  8. Into Chaos
  9. Soul Inc.
  10. The Great Decline
  11. They Know Better


Line Up

  • Rebekka Gaber – Vocals
  • Torsten Sauerbrey – Guitar
  • Jorg Janssen – Guitar, Shouts
  • Daniel Pietrzak – Bass
  • Niklas Kahl – Drums


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