My Ruin – “A Southern Revelation” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

The thing that I have always loved about Tairrie B.Murphy and her previous bands, whether it is Manhole, Tura Satana or her current outfit My Ruin, is that she sings it like she means it. There is no bullshit poser posturing, this is who she is and the same more than holds true on the latest release from My Ruin called “A Southern Revelation” which will be available on their official site as a free download. You can’t beat that. I have always loved Tairrie B. as a lyricist and on “A Southern Revelation” there is no shortage of subject matter in which to direct her venom, and the thing is, this is a lot of stuff people can relate to. “A Southern Revelation” is in a word relentless; it doesn’t let up for a second and continues to pound at the senses. From the opener of “Tennessee Elegy” into the aptly titled “Highly Explosive”, it is full speed ahead. “Highly Explosive” in particular is my absolute favorite song along with the oh, so subtle “Middle Finger”. The contributions of Mick Murphy are big. His riffs are huge as he goes from Pantera style groove-laden riffs to a more doomy style. Other highlights include: “Walk of Shame”, the intense “Deconsecrated”, “Vultures”, “Seventh Sacrament” and “Soulless Beast”. The album is completed by a blistering cover of the Van Halen classic “Mean Streat” which fits right in with the rest of the intense material within. My Ruin manages to add their own twist to the track, whilst still managing to stay faithful to the original – not an easy thing to do.  As great as “Ghost & Good Stories” was, My Ruin has at least equaled – if not surpassed it with “A Southern Reveleation”“A Southern Revelation” is Tairrie B. at her angriest, confrontational, in your face best.  Everything she sings is from the heart and there is absolutely no holding back, she only knows one direction and that is full-speed, straight ahead. That attitude has come to describe My Ruin perfectly, and I hope it continues for a long time to come.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Tennessee Elegy
  2. Highly Explosive
  3. Walk of Shame
  4. Deconsecrated
  5. Middle Finger
  6. Vultures
  7. Seventh Sacrament
  8. Reckoning
  9. The Soulless Beast
  10. Mean Street


Line Up

  • Tairrie B. Murphy – Vocals
  • Mick Murphy – Guitar, Bass, Drums



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