Mystery Blue – “Hell & Fury” (2009)


Label : Bernett Records/Pervade Productions

Review By Tony Cannella

France’s Mystery Blue has a history that dates all the way back to the 80’s. Who knew? I sure as heck didn’t. Their debut was released in 1984 and after another release in 1986 the band took an over decade long hiatus, and returned with another album in 1998. I never heard about this band until 2003’s, “Metal Slaves”. Now the band return with their fifth album, “Hell & Fury”. Mystery Blue is just a pure, true Heavy Metal band, and “Hell & Fury” is an album filled with in-your-face guitar work and the soaring, wailing vocals of Nathalie. The opening intro, “The Night Before” is an interesting way to begin things, with faux news reports about people on a killing spree. Not sure if this is a theme that runs throughout the album, since I don’t have the lyrics. Following the intro, the listener is immediately hit with a barrage of guitar riffs and the song, “Hell & Fury” comes blasting through the speakers like an out-of-control locomotive. “Endangering Species” and “Welcome to Chaos” keeps frenzy of guitar riffs coming. “Metal Attack” has an Accept, “Balls To The Wall” vibe to it, both with it’s huge guitar riff and sing-along chorus. “Piece Of Eternity” is one of my favorite tracks, it starts off as a ballad, but don’t think you are going to get a chance to relax on this one, as the tempo picks up, but this is still one of the more melodic tracks that band offers on “Hell & Fury”. The band follows that one up with one of faster songs, “Nuclear Skies”, just a great song to air guitar and headbang to. Other highlights include: “The Deadly Nightshade” and album closer, “When Time Is Pain”. While Mystery Blue‘s niche lies in the traditional metal area, the band have also included some thrash elements in their songs. Mystery Blue are certainly a band that should have a great appeal with the traditional metal crowd. I found myself enjoying, “Hell & Fury” with each subsequent listen. “Hell & Fury” is an unrelenting metal album, that never comes up for air until completion. Whether you like this type of music or not, you have to admire the conviction, energy and intensity, in which Mystery Blue deliver their songs. Now, Bang thy head.

Rating – 89/100



  1. The Night Before (Intro)
  2. Hell & Fury
  3. Endangering Species
  4. Welcome to Chaos
  5. Metal Attack
  6. No Way Out
  7. Fate
  8. Piece of Eternity
  9. Nuclear Skies
  10. The Deadly Nightshade
  11. When Time Is Pain


Line Up

  • Nathalie Geyer – Vocals
  • Frenzy Philippon – Guitars
  • Rikki Mannhard – Bass 
  • Vince Koehler – Drums



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