Nachtlieder – Demo II (2009)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

Sweden’s Nachtlieder is the project featuring Dagny Susanne who is also a member of the band Wicked. She plays cold, nihilistic black metal that can be heard on the new demo. This is actually the second demo from this project, so those who heard the first one can pretty well imagine what the band is all about, but I would say that the music definitely progresses and the sound quality is better overall than the first one. Dagny Susanne does pretty much everything on this one so that in and of itself is quite a feat.The 8-minute opener “Dawn” kicks things into gear and I was believing it was an instrumental at first, because the vocals do not come in until about the 3-minute mark. It is a song full of bombast and blast beats and it is quite the energetic opener. The vocals are a little low in the mix, but after a few listens it takes some getting used to. “Autumn Walk” is next and it picks up right where track one left off. With frenetic, frenzied riffing and the cold vocals of Dagny Susanne – who has a very unique voice – this is probably my favorite track. There is plenty of solid musicianship on display here. The final track is another long. The almost 8-minute track “Vengeance” is probably the music musically brutal track on display here and it brings this demo to a close with a bang. An appropriate way to end things, I would say.The second demo from Nachtlieder is an expansion of what was heard on the first and more. For fans of the Black Metal genre the 3-songs and 21-minutes worth of music is definitely a release to sink your teeth into.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Dawn
  2. Autumn Walk
  3. Vengeance


Line Up 

  • Dagny Susanne – Vocals, guitars, violin, drums & bass



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