Nemhain – “From the Ashes” (2010)


Label : Tiefdruck Musik

Review by Tony Cannella

From the U.K. comes the aggressive hard rock/metal band Nemhain. Their debut effort is titled “From the Ashes” and it features 12-songs and 45-minutes worth of raw, in-your-face music, with plenty of attitude, anger and swagger. One thing is for certain, Nemhain are a band who like to turn it up loud, and that comes through loud and clear (no pun intended) throughout “From the Ashes”. The music on “From the Ashes” is hard driving and definitely based around the strong guitar riffs that are featured throughout the CD. There is something definitely raw and pure about this CD and it is indeed one of the most endearing traits about “From the Ashes”.The opening track “From the Ashes” is definitely a high powered way to open things and from there the album only gets stronger, as can be heard on the songs: “Ana”, “Clear My Eyes”, “Girls Like Honey” and the powerful “Second Skin” (you can view the video for this track at their MySpace profile). The lead vocals provided by Amber Erlandsson are a definite compliment to the music, as their is tons of attitude in her vocal style. There is definitely an element of punk in the way that the songs on “From the Ashes” are presented in both musical style and in the lyrical department. If your musical tastes lean along the lines of bands like Motorhead, Sister Sin or Crucified Barbara, or if you just like high energy hard rock, than Nemhain just might be right up your alley.

Rating – 88/100


  1. From the Ashes
  2. Ana
  3. Clear My Eyes
  4. Second Skin
  5. Girls Like Honey
  6. Dirty Weekend
  7. Jane Doe #1
  8. Heroin Child
  9. Mr. Bronson
  10. Babylonia
  11. The Filth and the Fury
  12. Speed Queen


Line Up

  • Amber Erlandsson – Vocals
  • Lakis K. – Guitar
  • Sam Astley – Guitar
  • Lisa Dickinson – Bass
  • Adrian Erlandsson – Drums



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