NEWS : OVERTURES new line up and new management signing



As you may have noticed from the pics taken during the last shows, it is some months already that two new faces have been on the stage in Overtures‘ line up: after more than 9 years together, both former members Daniele Piccolo and Marco Falanga – for personal reasons that the whole band understands and accepts – had to give up the stage. Marco and Daniele have been two of the guys who created Overtures, they helped the band in its growing up, they have been vital in the development of the sound and it is thanks to the choices made together that Overtures reached some important goals. They are and they will always be part of Overtures‘ history and part of the family, and we all wish them all the best! At the same time we are really proud to announce that STEFANO D’AMORE and ADRIANO CRASNICH will officially take their place as stable members of the band. Stefano D’Amore already was the lead guitarist of Speed, Adriano Crasnich already plays with Frame of Pain and Hammered. Since a few months they already are part of Overtures and as you may have heard (and seen) during the last shows, their great taste and their good choices let the band continue its course exactly where it was stopped with the previous members, without changing or modifying anything. Both Stefano and Adriano already took part in the recordings of the third album ENTERING THE MAZE, that will be released in the first half of 2013 with our label Sleaszy Rider Records. At the same time we are happy to announce that the recordings are actually over: in the next days we will close the mixing of the album to pass, in a few weeks, to the mastering process. There are some more important news yet: we are really pleased to announce the new collaboration between Overtures and the German agency B.MUSIK MANAGEMENT, that will be pub in charge of the booking and management of the band. B.Musik boasts in its rooster Iron Savior, Athorn, Elvenking and worked with Edguy, Rage, Hammerfall, Gotthard and many others. For the details:



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