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THERION are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary and will release their new album “Les Fleurs du Mal” tomorrow in North America via End of the Light Records. Today the online home of Guitar World Magazine is hosting an exclusive stream on “Les Fleurs du Mal” in its entirety HERE. There are still many details that are unknown about this mystical art project, and so far only the album title “Les Fleurs du Mal” can be officially announced. The album title refers to Charles Baudelaire’s (French author and poet 1821 – 1867) famous poem collection “Flowers of Evil” (Les Fleurs du Mal in French) that caused such an upset of emotions in France that the author was brought to court and got fined for “insulting the public” with six of the poems, that remained forbidden in France until 1949 when the ban was finally lifted. The spirit of the project is a tribute to Baudelaire, and is imbued into both music and artwork. The album was recorded at Adulruna studio, located in a separate building next to Johnsson’s decadent “Villa Adulruna” where the band lived together while recording.



“Les Fleurs du Mal” is available to order on Amazon.


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