NEWS : Tracklist and Details about new MANDRAGORA SCREAM album “LUCIFERLAND”


The long waited new album by Mandragora Scream will be released Tomorrow Nov 21st. The Italian Band led by singer MORGAN LACROIX is back with their brand new album “LUCIFERLAND”. Luciferland represenst the city where the Gods were born, a kind of Atlantis, the city where everything begun. Luciferland is released three years after “Volturna”. This is a sophisticated album both in in the compositions and in lyrics and concept. Infact Morgan Lacroix has spent a lot of her time studying with experts in quantistic physics and esotherism as well as with archeologists and experts in ancient languages who have driven the author of all lyrics to sing some excerpts in Sumeric, Latin, Babylonese and even geroghliphic. Luciferland represents not only an album with songs, but is the real start of a path for all followers of hermetic science. Some videos are being shot to support the album. These will be released during the next months. The first single will be a song dedicate to the goddess “Medusa”. LUCIFERLAND will not be distributed in the classic points of sale; the purchase will be possible directly on the band’s website and on the music portal  An order dedicated mail service will be provided so that all sellers throughout the world will be in the position to sell LUCIFERLAND directly. Each album will contain a parchment with Morgan’s autograph and with her kiss, each piece being of course customized by Morgan herself. This activity took Morgan’s time during the past weeks as she wanted to prepare a different gift for all follower who will buy the album.  

This is the tracklist of the album:

  1. The Chant Of Furies
  2. Hekate – En Erebos Phos
  3. Persephone
  4. Anubis
  5. The Illusionist
  6. Medusa
  7. The veil of Neith
  8. Six Grains Of Pomegranate
  9. Night’s Master (Azhrarn & Sivesh)
  10. Lamia
  11. Love For Endymion
  12. Lucifer’s Ballade
  13. Titan – Extraterrestrial Suicide
  14. Lucifer’s Lullaby



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