Niobeth – “Dreaming” EP (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Spain, Niobeth released their very well received debut, “The Shining Harmony of Universe” in 2008. The band specializes in sophisticated classically inspired symphonic metal with the truly amazing operatic vocals of Itea Benedicto at the helm. Their newest output is a 6-song 27-minute EP called, “Dreaming”. “Dreaming” features a new song and orchestral versions of some songs that appeared on their debut, and an orchestral cover version. Starting off, the opening track “Dreaming” begins things and right away the track highlights the stunning operatic vocals Itea Benedicto. Her style is nothing short of breathtaking, and the song itself, while not an out-and-out metal track, is quite beautiful – and well, peaceful. From there the next two tracks contain no vocals; they are just orchestral versions of two songs that appeared on their debut, “The Whisper of Rain” and “Reflected Lights Garden”. Next, is a special a capella version of “Reflected Lights Garden”, this is the only other song to feature vocals. Next is an orchestral version of the Blind Guardian track, “And The Story Ends”. The (you guessed it) orchestral version of “Dreaming” brings the CD to a close. While “Dreaming” may not attract new fans to the Niobeth army, I am sure that this will draw interest from die-hard fans that must have everything. Nevertheless, “Dreaming” has the feel of a big, movie soundtrack score to it. This band has undoubtedly a world of talent, which has me looking forward to album number two.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Dreaming
  2. The Whisper of Rain (Orchestral)
  3. Reflected Lights Garden (Orchestral)
  4. Reflected Lights Garden (A Cappella)
  5. And The Story Ends (Orchestral)
  6. Dreaming (Orchestral)


Line Up

  • Itea Benedicto – Vocals
  • Jesús Díez – Guitars
  • Javi Palacios – Bass
  • Alberto Izquierdo – Drums



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