NitroVille – “Can’t Stop What’s Comin'” (2011)


Label : Tijuana Brothers Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The London based blues Hard Rock outfit NitroVille formed in early 2010. Their debut album “Can’t Stop What’s Comin’” isn’t exactly trendy by today’s musical standards. Guitarist Kurt-Michael Boeck’s guitar riffs are huge and groove-laden. Vocalist Tola Lamont’s vocal style is very big sounding as well, as the band just has a rock n’ roll feel to them, which you don’t get with a lot of today’s rock and metal bands. The heavy blues riffing of “Cheating the Hangman” starts things off on a positive note and is followed by the mid-paced “Let It Roll”. Lead vocalist Tola Lamont packs a lot of passion in her vocal delivery and at times reminded me of Suze Demarchi from the long defunct Australian band Baby Animals. “Can’t Stop What’s Comin’” is enhanced by an excellent, in-your-face production, but ultimately it boils down to the quality of the songs, and throughout the course of this 11-song, 47-minute disc, there is plenty of quality to be had. “Mississippi Wide Boy” has an infectious riff that permeates the whole song and quickly became a favorite. Other highlights include: “Dust Devil”, “Cuts to the Bone”, “Bad Blood” and “Coming on Strong”, but the whole thing is just a pure rock and roll album. Sometimes less is more and while NitroVille certainly aren’t the flashiest band you will ever hear, but “Can’t Stop What’s Comin’”, gets the job done on many different levels. NitroVille’s version of Rock n’ roll with a blues edge is something you don’t hear a ton of these days, and thus is a welcomed change of pace. Fans that enjoy just pure rock and roll, with insane hooks and melodies should really come to appreciate NitroVille. “Can’t Stop What’s Comin’” is a pretty darn good album.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Cheating the Hangman
  2. Let It Roll
  3. Mississippi Wide Boy
  4. Dust Devil
  5. Cuts to the Bone
  6. Twist in the Chain
  7. Tell It Like It Is
  8. Killing Kind
  9. Bad Blood
  10. Got What It Takes
  11. Coming on Strong


Line Up

  • Tola Lamont – Vocals
  • Kurt-Michael Boeck – Guitars
  • Fussi Anderson – Bass
  • Cyro Zuzi – Drums



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