Noein – “The Initial Tale” EP (2010)


Label : Les Arts Bourrins

Review by Tony Cannella

From France, Noein plays melodic, industrial death metal. Their debut EP titled, “The Initial Tale” has just been released. For the most part, “The Initial Tale” is a hard driving, relentlessly aggressive debut from this promising French band. The first thing to consider about Noein is the absolutely brutal vocals of Jennifer Millencourt. She has a truly appealing vocal style, whether she is singing in her vicious death metal vocal style (which is the majority of the time) or surprising us all with her clean, melodic style. She is backed by some fierce and monstrous riffs throughout the course of this 5-song, 22-minute effort. Songs such as “Decreation”, “Decay” and the closing number “Spirits and Flesh” sound so fresh and inspired that this band certainly deserves respect. I would never consider myself to be an authority in all things (or anything) Death Metal but in regards to Noein, you get the sense that they have the potential to be a powerful voice in the genre. Whether you like Death Metal or you don’t, there is no denying that Noein are a band that has some serious potential to make some waves in the Death Metal genre. On “The Initial Tale” Noein has released a debut that is sure to appeal to fans who like their music aggressive and very heavy.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Decreation
  2. Decay
  3. Chrysalis
  4. The Shout
  5. Spirits and Flesh


Line Up

  • Jennifer Millencourt – Vocals
  • Nicolas Magnier – Guitar
  • Adrian Leboulanger – Guitar
  • Cindy Beneult – Bass
  • Sylvestre Guilbert – Drums



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