Odroerir – “Götterlieder II” (2010)


Label : Einheit Produktionen

Review by Tony Cannella

From Germany, Odroerir play epic Folk Metal. Their third – and newest – full-length release is titled “Götterlieder II” and features 7-songs and over an hour’s worth of epic, pagan folk metal all sung in German and dealing with Nordic mythology. “Götterlieder I” was released in 2005 and work on part-2 began in 2008 and finally saw its release in spring of this year .“Götterlieder II”, Odroerir employs instruments such as Violin and Cello to give the songs a Folk Metal feel, but the band maintains a heavy guitar-driven sound throughouy. The opener is the 8-minute “Heimdall” which succeeds as an opening track in setting a definite atmosphere in what is to follow. The next track, the acoustic “Bifröst” is the shortest at 3-minutes and serves as a bridge to the next track, the 8-minute “Des Thors Hammer Heimholung”; this song has a huge sing-along style chorus (you can sing-along if you know German, of course). You want epic? It simply doesn’t get more epic than the 19-minute closing track, “Allvater”. This is an exhaustingly, monumental piece that features so many changes in tempo and mood that after its conclusion the listener is drained, but you can only marvel at the scope and ambition of this track. Throughout the course of the CD, Odroerir employ the male vocals provided by Fix in combination with beautiful vocals of Natalie. There is no doubt that “Götterlieder II” is a hugely, ambitious undertaking and surely Odroerir will reap the benefits of their hard work.

Rating – 89/100



  1. Heimdall
  2. Bifröst
  3. Des Thors Hammer Heimholung
  4. Idunas Apfel
  5. Skadis Rache
  6. Der Riesenbaumeister
  7. Allvater 


Line Up

  • Natalie – Vocals
  • Fix – Acoustic and electric guitars, Large Schalmei, Flute, Mandolin & Keyboards
  • Stickel – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Small Schalmei
  • Manuel – Bass
  • Veit – Violin, Cello & Vocals
  • Philipp – Drums & Percussion



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